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Jinhua Lu
Lu J.
Lu, Jinhua
Lu, J.H.
Lu, J.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12004A Toll-like receptor-based two-hybrid assay for detecting protein-protein interactions on live eukaryotic cellsWang, L. ; Lu, J. ; Zhang, H. ; Zhong, F. 
22006Atransforming growth factor-β-induced protein stimulates endocytosis and is up-regulated in immature dendritic cellsLu, J. ; Cao, W.; Tan, P. ; Chee, H.L.; Zhang, H.
31996Biosynthesis of human ficolin, and Escherichia coli-binding protein, by monocytes: Comparison with the synthesis of two macrophage-specific proteins, C1q and the mannose receptorLu, J. ; Le, Y.; Kon, O.L. ; Chan, J.; Lee, S.H.
42001Blocking L-selectin and α4-integrin changes donor cell homing pattern and ameliorates murine acute graft versus host diseaseLi, B.; New, J.Y.; Yap, E.H. ; Chan, S.H. ; Hu, A. ; Lu, J. 
52007C-reactive protein collaborates with plasma lectins to boost immune response against bacteriaNg, P.M.L.; Le, Saux A.; Lee, C.M.; Ding, J.L. ; Tan, N.S.; Lu, J. ; Ho, B. ; Thiel, S.
62017C1 complex: An adaptable proteolytic module for complement and non-complement functionsLu, J ; Kishore, U
7May-2011C1q regulation of dendritic cell development from monocytes with distinct cytokine production and T cell stimulationTeh, B.K.; Yeo, J.G.; Chern, L.M.; Lu, J. 
82005Caspase-1 dependent macrophage death induced by Burkholderia pseudomalleiSun, G.W.; Gan, Y.-H. ; Lu, J. ; Cao, Weiping ; Pervaiz, S. 
92005CD83 is preformed inside monocytes, macrophages and dendritic cells, but it is only stably expressed on activated dendritic cellsCao, W. ; Lu, J. ; Lee, S.H. 
1015-Apr-1998CDNA cloning reveals two mouse β5 integrin transcripts distinct in cytoplasmic domains as a result of alternative splicingZhang, H. ; Tan, S.M. ; Lu, J. 
1110-Jul-2019Characterisation of a human antibody that potentially links cytomegalovirus infection with systemic lupus erythematosus.Neo, Jie Ying Jacklyn ; Wee, Seng Yin Kelly; Bonne, Isabelle ; Tay, Sen Hee ; Raida, Manfred; Jovanovic, Vojislav ; Fairhurst, Anna-Marie; Lu, Jinhua ; Hanson, Brendon J; MacAry, Paul A 
1219-Sep-2002Collectins and ficolins: Sugar pattern recognition molecules of the mammalian innate immune systemLu, J. ; Teh, C.; Kishore, U.; Reid, K.B.M
13Jun-1997Collectins: Collectors of microorganisms for the innate immune systemLu, J. 
1415-Oct-2012Complement C1q production by osteoclasts and its regulation of osteoclast developmentTeo, B.H.D.; Bobryshev, Y.V.; Teh, B.K.; Wong, S.H. ; Lu, J. 
151-Nov-2016Complement the cell deathYeo, J.G ; Leong, J ; Lu, J 
16Aug-2011Decreased expression of liver X receptor-α in macrophages infected with chlamydia pneumoniae in human atherosclerotic arteries in situBobryshev, Y.V.; Orekhov, A.N.; Killingsworth, M.C.; Lu, J. 
172003Dendritic cells in the arterial wall express C1q: Potential significance in atherogenesisCao, W. ; Bobryshev, Y.V. ; Lu, J. ; Lord, R.S.A.; Oakley, R.E.I. ; Lee, S.H. 
182004Detection of Chlamydophila pneumoniae in dendritic cells in atherosclerotic lesionsBobryshev, Y.V. ; Tran, D.; Cao, W. ; Lord, R.S.A.; Lu, J. ; Phoon, M.C.; Chow, V.T.K. 
192005Deviation from major codons in the Toll-like receptor genes is associated with low Toll-like receptor expressionZhong, F. ; Cahya, F.F.; Lu, J. ; Cao, W. ; Chan, E.; Tay, P.N. ; Zhang, H. 
202015Dmrt5 controls corticotrope and gonadotrope differentiation in the zebrafish pituitaryMadhukaran S.P.; Kishore U.; Jamil K.; Choolani M.; Lu J.