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11-Mar-2019A Flow Cytometry-Based Assay for High-Throughput Detection and Quantification of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps in Mixed Cell PopulationsZharkova, Olga ; Tay, Sen Hee ; Lee, Hui Yin; Shubhita, Tripathi; Ong, Wei Yee; Lateef, Aisha ; MacAry, Paul Anthony ; Lim, Lina Hsiu Kim ; Connolly, John Edward ; Fairhurst, Anna-Marie 
21-Jan-2021Attitudes and Behaviors of Patients With Rheumatic Diseases During the Early Stages of the COVID-19 OutbreakMa, Margaret HY; Tay, Sen Hee ; Cheung, Peter PM; Santosa, Amelia; Chan, Yiong Huak; Yip, James WL; Mak, Anselm; Lahiri, Manjari
310-Jul-2019Characterisation of a human antibody that potentially links cytomegalovirus infection with systemic lupus erythematosus.Neo, Jie Ying Jacklyn ; Wee, Seng Yin Kelly; Bonne, Isabelle ; Tay, Sen Hee ; Raida, Manfred; Jovanovic, Vojislav ; Fairhurst, Anna-Marie; Lu, Jinhua ; Hanson, Brendon J; MacAry, Paul A 
428-Jan-2022Cytokine Release Syndrome in Cancer Patients Receiving Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors: A Case Series of 25 Patients and Review of the LiteratureTay, Sen Hee ; Toh, Michelle Min Xuan ; Thian, Yee Liang ; Vellayappan, Balamurugan A ; Fairhurst, Anna-Marie ; Chan, Yiong Huak ; Aminkeng, Folefac ; Bharwani, Lavina D; Huang, Yiqing; Mak, Anselm ; Wong, Alvin Seng Cheong
51-Jan-2022Distinct transcriptomic and metabolomic profiles characterize NSAID-induced urticaria/angioedema patients undergoing aspirin desensitizationTay, SH ; Santosa, A ; Goh, ECH; Xu, CX; Wu, LH; Bigliardi-Qi, M; Pakkiri, LSS ; Lee, BTK; Drum, CL ; Bigliardi, PL 
62017Endothelial dysfunction in systemic lupus erythematosus - A case-control study and an updated meta-analysis and meta-regressionMak, A ; Kow, N.Y ; Schwarz, H ; Gong, L; Tay, S.H ; Ling, L.H 
72014Environmental factors, toxicants and systemic lupus erythematosusMak, A ; Tay, S.H 
823-Sep-2021Impact of Teleconsultation on Subsequent Disease Activity and Flares in Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.Au Eong, Jonathan TW; AISHA LATEEF; Shen L ; Lim, Sandy HH; TAY SEN HEE ; Mak, A. ; CHO JIACAI 
91-Mar-2021Neutrophil-to-Lymphocyte Ratio Predicts Development of Immune-Related Adverse Events and Outcomes from Immune Checkpoint Blockade: A Case-Control StudyLee, Pei Yi; Oen, Kellynn Qi Xuan; Lim, Grace Rui Si; JUANDA LEO HARTONO ; MARK DHINESH MUTHIAH ; Huang, Daniel Q; Teo, Felicia Su Wei; LI YUNKAI ANDREW ; Mak, A. ; Chandran, Nisha Suyien; CHRIS TAN LIXIAN ; Yang, Peiling; Tai, E.S. ; Ng, Kay Wei Ping; JOY VIJAYAN ; Chan, Yee Cheun; TAN LI LING ; LEE BENG HUAT, MARTIN ; Chua, Horng Ruey; HONG WEI ZHEN ; YAP ENG SOO ; Lim, Dawn K; YUEN YEW SEN ; Chan, Y.H. ; FOLEFAC AMINKENG ; Wong, Alvin Seng Cheong; Huang, Yiqing; TAY SEN HEE 
101-Jun-2022Pharmacogenomic prediction of immune-related adverse events from immune checkpoint inhibitors among Asian patientsHuang, Yiqing; Aminkeng, Folefac ; Wong, Alvin SC; Tay, Sen Hee ; Zhao, Joseph J; Ang, Yvonne; Soo, Ross A ; Goh, Boon Cher 
1121-Jun-2023Platelet TLR7 is essential for the formation of platelet-neutrophil complexes and low-density neutrophils in lupus nephritisTay, Sen Hee ; Zharkova, Olga; Lee, Hui Yin; Toh, Michelle Min Xuan; Libau, Eshele Anak; Celhar, Teja; Narayanan, Sriram; Ahl, Patricia Jennifer; Ong, Wei Yee; Joseph, Craig; Lim, Jeffrey Chun Tatt; Wang, Lingzhi; Larbi, Anis; Liang, Shen; Lateef, Aisha; Akira, Shizuo; Ling, Lieng Hsi; Thamboo, Thomas Paulraj; Yeong, Joe Poh Seng; Lee, Bernett Teck Kwong; Edwards, Steven W; Wright, Helen L; MacAry, Paul Anthony ; Connolly, John E ; Fairhurst, Anna-Marie 
1230-Sep-2022Real-world experience of consolidation durvalumab after concurrent chemoradiotherapy in stage III non-small cell lung cancerHuang, Yiqing; Zhao, Joseph J; Soon, Yu Yang ; Wong, Alvin; Aminkeng, Folefac ; Ang, Yvonne; Asokumaran, Yugarajah; Low, Jia Li; Lee, Matilda; Choo, Joan RE; Chan, Gloria; Kee, Adrian ; Tay, Sen Hee ; Goh, Boon Cher ; Soo, Ross A 
1313-Oct-2021Risk factors for immune-related adverse events from anti-PD-1 or anti-PD-L1 treatment in an Asian cohort of nonsmall cell lung cancer patientsHuang, Yiqing; Soon, Yu Yang ; Aminkeng, Folefac ; Tay, Sen Hee ; Ang, Yvonne; Kee, Adrian CL ; Goh, Boon Cher ; Wong, Alvin SC; Soo, Ross A 
141-Jan-2021Takotsubo syndrome and rheumatic diseases - a critical systematic reviewLin, Weiqin ; Tay, Sen Hee ; Mak, Anselm 
1527-Jan-2020Untitled ReplyTay, Sen Hee ; Dissanayake, DPS; Lim, Shir Lynn ; Lin, Weiqin