Full Name
Wai San Wilson Tam
Tam, W.W.S.
Tam, Wai San Wilson
Tam, W. S.
Tam, Wai S.W.
Wilson Tam, Wai San
San Tam, Wilson Wai
Tam, Wilson S.
Tam, W. S.W.
Tam, Wilson Ws
Tam, W. W.S.
Tam, Wilson W.S.
Tam, Wai San Wilson
Tam, Wilson W.ai San
Tam, Wilson
Tam, Wilson W.
Tam, W.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
122-Oct-2019A Global Bibliometric Analysis of Antiretroviral Treatment Adherence: Implications for Interventions and Research Development (GAPRESEARCH)Bach Tran; Chi Linh Hoang; Wilson Tam ; Hai Thanh Phan; Giang Thu Vu; Carl Latkin; Cyrus S.H. Ho; Roger Ho 
22013A hybrid seasonal prediction model for tuberculosis incidence in ChinaCao S.; Wang F.; Tam W. ; Tse L.A.; Kim J.H.; Liu J.; Lu Z.
32018A meta-analysis on Omega-3 supplements in preventing recurrence of atrial fibrillationJiang, Y ; Tan, H.C; Tam, W.W.S ; Lim, T.W ; Wang, W 
42019A one-year prospective follow-up study on the health profile of Hikikomori living in Hong KongYuen, J.W.M.; Wong, V.C.W.; Tam, W.W.S. ; So, K.W.; Chien, W.T.
52018A physical health profile of youths living with a “hikikomori” lifestyleYuen, J.W.M; Yan, Y.K.Y; Wong, V.C.W; Tam, W.W.S ; So, K.-W; Chien, W.-T
62020A quantitative and qualitative study on the neuropsychiatric sequelae of acutely ill COVID-19 inpatients in isolation facilitiesHao, F.; Tam, W. ; Hu, X.; Tan, W.; Jiang, L.; Jiang, X.; Zhang, L.; Zhao, X.; Zou, Y.; Hu, Y.; Luo, X.; McIntyre, R.S.; Quek, T.; Tran, B.X.; Zhang, Z.; Pham, H.Q.; Ho, C.S.H. ; Ho, R.C.M. 
72017A randomized controlled trial of an ambulatory approach versus the hospital-based approach in managing suspected obstructive sleep apnea syndromeHui, D.S; Ng, S.S; To, K.-W; Ko, F.W; Ngai, J; Chan, K.K.P; Yip, W.-H; Chan, T.-O; Yiu, K; Tam, W.W.S 
81-Sep-2017A randomized-controlled trial to examine the effectiveness of the 'Home-but not Alone' mobile-health application educational programme on parental outcomesShorey, Shefaly ; Lau, Ying Y ; Dennis, Cindy-Lee; Chan, Yah Shih ; Tam, Wilson WS ; Chan, Yiong Huak 
92013Add-on effect of chinese herbal medicine on mortality in myocardial infarction: Systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trialsChung V.C.H.; Chen M.; Ying Q.; Tam W.W.S. ; Wu X.Y.; Ma P.H.X.; Ziea E.T.C.; Wong V.C.W.; Tang J.L.
102014Association between air pollution and general outpatient clinic consultations for upper respiratory tract infections in Hong KongTam W.W.S. ; Wong T.W.; Ng L.; Wong S.Y.S.; Kung K.K.L.; Wong A.H.S.
112015Associations between parental feeding styles and Childhood eating habits: A survey of Hong Kong pre-school childrenLo K.; Cheung C.; Lee A.; Tam W.W.S. ; Keung V.
122-Apr-2019Author Correction: A randomized controlled trial of an ambulatory approach versus the hospital-based approach in managing suspected obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (Scientific Reports, (2017), 7, 1, (45901), 10.1038/srep45901)Hui, D.S.; Ng, S.S.; To, K.-W.; Ko, F.W.; Ngai, J.; Chan, K.K.P.; Yip, W.-H.; Chan, T.-O.; Yiu, K.; Tam, W.W.S. 
132019Characterizing artificial intelligence applications in cancer research: A latent dirichlet allocation analysisTran, B.X.; Latkin, C.A.; Sharafeldin, N.; Nguyen, K.; Vu, G.T.; Tam, W.W.S. ; Cheung, N.-M.; Nguyen, H.L.T.; Ho, C.S.H.; Ho, R.C.M. 
142014Chinese translation and validation of a parental feeding style questionnaire for parents of Hong Kong preschoolersTam W. ; Keung V.; Lee A.; Lo K.; Cheung C.
152004Cluster of SARS among Medical Students Exposed to Single Patient, Hong KongWong, T.-W; Lee, C.-K; Tam, W ; Lau, J.T.-F; Yu, T.-S; Lui, S.-F; Chan, P.K.S; Li, Y; Bresee, J.S; Sung, J.J.Y; Parashar, U.D
162019Comparing quality of life in breast cancer patients who underwent mastectomy versus breast-conserving surgery: A meta-analysisNg, E.T.; Ang, R.Z.; Tran, B.X.; Ho, C.S.; Zhang, Z. ; Tan, W.; Bai, Y.; Zhang, M.; Tam, W.W. ; Ho, R.C. 
172016Comparing the Overall Result and Interaction in Aggregate Data Meta-Analysis and Individual Patient Data Meta-AnalysisHuang, Y; Tang, J; Tam, W.W.-S ; Mao, C; Yuan, J; Di, M; Yang, Z
181-Oct-2017Comparison of midwife-led care and obstetrician-led care on maternal and neonatal outcomes in Singapore: A retrospective cohort studyVoon, Shi Tian; Lay, Julie Tay Suan ; San, Wilson Tam Wai ; Shorey, Shefaly ; Lin, Serena Koh Siew 
192016Compression-only cardiopulmonary resuscitation in improving bystanders' cardiopulmonary resuscitation performance: A literature reviewMin Ko R.J.; Wu V.X. ; Lim S.H.; San Tam W.W. ; Liaw S.Y. 
2020-Apr-2021Cortical haemodynamic response during the verbal fluency task in patients with bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder: a preliminary functional near-infrared spectroscopy studyHusain, Syeda Fabeha ; Tang, Tong-Boon; Tam, Wilson W. ; Tran, Bach X.; Ho, Cyrus S. ; Ho, Roger C.