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Toon Wei Lim
Lim, T.-W.
Lim, Toon Wei
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12018A meta-analysis on Omega-3 supplements in preventing recurrence of atrial fibrillationJiang, Y ; Tan, H.C; Tam, W.W.S ; Lim, T.W ; Wang, W 
2Feb-2019Cornell product is an ECG marker of heart failure with preserved ejection fractionTan, Eugene SJ; Chan, Siew Pang ; Xu, Chang Fen ; Yap, Jonathan; Richards, Arthur Mark ; Ling, Lieng Hsi ; Sim, David; Jaufeerally, Fazlur ; Yeo, Daniel; Loh, Seet Yoong; Ong, Hean Yee ; Leong, Kui Toh Gerard; Ng, Tze Pin ; Nyunt, Shwe Zin ; Feng, Liang ; Okin, Peter; Lam, Carolyn SP ; Lim, Toon Wei 
3Jul-2021Magnetic resonance imaging of dilated cardiomyopathy: prognostic benefit of identifying late gadolinium enhancement in Asian patientsNogue Infante, Anna; Koo, Christopher Chieh Yang ; Yip, Alfred; Ha Lim, Ying; Yeo, Wee Tiong ; Quek, Swee Tian ; Lim, Toon Wei ; Seow, Swee Chong ; Chai, Ping ; Ong, Ching Ching ; Teo, Lynette ; Singh, Devinder ; Kojodjojo, Pipin 
41-Jan-2022Patient perspectives of the Self-management and Educational Technology tool for Atrial Fibrillation (SETAF): A mixed-methods study in SingaporeNathania, J ; Woo, BFY ; Cher, BP ; Toh, KY ; Chia, WAY ; Lim, YW ; Vrijhoef, HJM ; Lim, TW 
52015Poor adherence to anticoagulation guidelines in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation treated in a tertiary cardiology unitKew, Guan Sen; Tan, Mabel; Lim, Toon Wei 
61-Jul-2019Practice patterns and role perception of advanced practice nurses: A nationwide cross-sectional studyWoo, Brigitte Fong Yeong; Zhou, Wentao ; Lim, Toon Wei ; Tam, Wilson Wai San 
723-Oct-2019Registered nurses' perceptions towards advanced practice nursing: A nationwide cross-sectional studyWoo, Brigitte Fong Yeong; Zhou, Wentao ; Lim, Toon Wei ; Tam, Wai San Wilson 
81-Jun-2022Risk Factors for Mortality in Cardiac Implantable Electronic Device (CIED) Infections: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisNgiam, Jinghao Nicholas; Liong, Tze Sian; Sim, Meng Ying; Chew, Nicholas WS; Sia, Ching-Hui ; Chan, Siew Pang ; Lim, Toon Wei ; Yeo, Tiong-Cheng ; Tambyah, Paul Anantharajah ; Loh, Poay Huan; Poh, Kian Keong ; Kong, William KF
92015Sleep apnea is associated with new-onset atrial fibrillation after coronary artery bypass graftingZhao, L.-P.; Kofidis, T. ; Lim, T.-W. ; Chan, S.-P. ; Ong, T.-H. ; Tan, H.-C. ; Lee, C.-H. 
10Aug-2023Trends and predictions of metabolic risk factors for acute myocardial infarction: findings from a multiethnic nationwide cohortChew, Nicholas WS; Chong, Bryan; Kuo, Si Min; Jayabaskaran, Jayanth; Cai, Mingshi; Zheng, Huili ; Goh, Rachel; Kong, Gwyneth; Chin, Yip Han; Imran, Syed Saqib; Liang, Michael ; Lim, Patrick; Yong, Thon Hon ; Liew, Boon Wah ; Li Chia, Pow; Ho, Hee Hwa; Foo, David; Khoo, Deanna; Huang, Zijuan ; Chua, Terrance ; Tan, Jack Wei Chieh ; Yeo, Khung Keong; Hausenloy, Derek ; Sim, Hui Wen; Kua, Jieli; Chan, Koo Hui ; Loh, Poay Huan; Lim, Toon Wei ; Low, Adrian F ; Chai, Ping ; Lee, Chi Hang ; Yeo, Tiong Cheng ; Yip, James; Tan, Huay Cheem ; Mamas, Mamas A; Nicholls, Stephen J; Chan, Mark Y 
112020Understanding the attitudes of clinicians and patients toward a self-management eHealth tool for atrial fibrillation: Qualitative studyCher, B.P. ; Kembhavi, G. ; Toh, K.Y. ; Audimulam, J. ; Chia, W.-Y.A. ; Vrijhoef, H.J.M.; Lim, Y.W. ; Lim, T.W. 
124-Apr-2022Ventricular tachycardia from myocarditis following COVID-19 vaccination with tozinameran (BNT162b2, Pfizer-BioNTech)Lin, Weiqin ; Yip, Alfred Chung Lum; Evangelista, Lauren Kay Mance; Wong, Raymond Ching Chiew; Tan, Huay Cheem ; Lim, Toon Wei ; Singh, Devinder