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Zhenhui Jiang
(not current staff)
Jiang, Z.J.
Jiang, Z.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12008Active participation in problem solving virtual communities: A learning perspectiveYu, J. ; Jiang, Z. 
22007Amodel of identity credibility in virtual communities: An elaboration likelihood model perspectiveYu, J. ; Jiang, Z. ; Chan, H.C. 
32010An investigation of the effects of website aesthetics and usability on online shoppers' purchase intentionJiang, Z. ; Qiu, L.; Yi, C. ; Choi, B.; Zhang, D.
42006Effects of anonymity, media richness, and chat-room activeness on online chattingChua, Z.; Jiang, Z. 
52010Effects of interactivity on website involvement and purchase intentionJiang, Z. ; Chan, J.; Tan, B.C.Y. ; Chua, W.S.
62012Effects of undesired online video advertising choice on user behavior and attitudeLuo, C.; Jiang, Z.J. ; Yi, C.
72007Effects of website interactivity on consumer involvement and purchase intentionChua, W.S.; Jiang, Z. ; Tan, B.C.Y. 
82011Enticing consumers via incomplete product experience: An investigation of online product interactivity designsYi, C. ; Jiang, Z. ; Benbasat, I.
92011Farmer's tale: A facebook game to promote volunteerismJianqiang, D.S.; Ma, X. ; Zhao, S. ; Khoo, J.T.; Bay, S.L. ; Jiang, Z. 
107-Dec-2016Influence of Firm?s Recovery Endeavors upon Privacy Breach on Online Customer BehaviorBen Choi; Sung Kim; Zhenhui (Jack) Jiang 
112011Information sharing in online dyadic exchange: A relational dialectic perspectiveChoi, B.C.F.; Jiang, Z. ; Yap, E.
122007Investigating the influence of the functional mechanisms of online product presentationsJiang, Z. ; Benbasat, I.
132006Investigating the role of presence in collaborative online shoppingZhu, L.; Benbasat, I.; Jiang, Z.J. 
142007Knowledge contribution in problem solving virtual communities: The mediating role of individual motivationsYu, J. ; Jiang, Z. ; Chan, H.C. 
152007Knowledge contribution in problem solving virtual communities: The mediating role of individual motivationsYu, J. ; Jiang, Z. ; Chan, H.C. 
162010Let's shop online together: An empirical investigation of collaborative online shopping supportZhu, L.; Benbasat, I.; Jiang, Z. 
172005Online consumer decision supportJiang, Z. ; Wang, W.; Benbasat, I.
182013Privacy concerns and privacy-protective behavior in synchronous online social interactionsJiang, Z. ; Heng, C.S.; Choi, B.C.F.
192006Real experience in a virtual store: Designing for presence in online shoppingQiu, L.; Jiang, Z. ; Benbasat, I.
202014Share your view: Impact of co-navigation support and status composition in collaborative online shoppingYue, Y.; Ma, X.; Jiang, Z.