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12018Cognitive Assessment in Adult Cardiac Arrest Survivors: What Is Known and How Shall We Move Forward?Chew, Han Shi Jocelyn ; Cheng, Ho Yu; Cao, Xi; Lopez, Violeta 
22021COVID-19 pandemic response behaviors: a Singapore experience of the “circuit breaker”Chew, Han Shi Jocelyn ; Chng, Samuel
32018Difference of Radial Access and Femoral Access on Patient Outcomes in Diagnostic Cardiac Catheterization: A Quasi-Experimental StudyCao, Xi; Fung, Sui Ying; Lai, Yuen Yi; Chair, Sek Ying; Chew, Han Shi Jocelyn 
42021Effectiveness of a nurse-led temporal self-regulation theory-based program on heart failure self-care: A randomized controlled trial.Chew, Han Shi Jocelyn ; Sim, Kheng Leng David ; Choi, Kai Chow; Chair, Sek Ying
52018Empowered to Self-Care: A Photovoice Study in Patients With Heart FailureChew, Han Shi Jocelyn ; Lopez, Violeta 
62021Global Impact of COVID-19 on Weight and Weight-Related Behaviors in the Adult Population: A Scoping Review.Chew, Han Shi Jocelyn ; Lopez, Violeta 
72020Leisure-Time Physical Activity and Depressive Symptoms Among Patients With Coronary Heart Disease: The Mediating Role of Physical Activity Self-EfficacyChair, Sek Ying; Cheng, Ho Yu; Chew, Han Shi Jocelyn ; Zang, Yu Li; Siow, Elaine KC; Cao, Xi
82019Motivation, Challenges and Self-Regulation in Heart Failure Self-Care: a Theory-Driven Qualitative StudyChew, Han Shi Jocelyn ; Sim, Kheng Leng David ; Cao, Xi; Chair, Sek Ying
92020Relationship between self-care adherence, time perspective, readiness to change and executive function in patients with heart failureChew, Han Shi Jocelyn ; Sim, Kheng Leng David ; Choi, Kai Chow; Chair, Sek Ying
102019Self-care in Chinese heart failure patients: Gender-specific correlatesCao, Xi; Chair, Sek Ying; Wang, Xiuhua; Chew, Han Shi Jocelyn ; Cheng, Ho Yu
112020The Influence of Confucianism on the Perceptions and Process of Caring Among Family Caregivers of Persons With Dementia: A Qualitative StudyYiu, Hing Cheung; Zang, Yuli; Chew, Jocelyn Han Shi ; Chau, Janita Pak Chun
122019The suitability of motivational interviewing versus cognitive behavioural interventions on improving self-care in patients with heart failure: A literature review and discussion paperChew, Han Shi Jocelyn ; Cheng, Ho Yu; Chair, Sek Ying
132018Turning frequency in adult bedridden patients to prevent hospital-acquired pressure ulcer: A scoping reviewChew, H-S Jocelyn ; Thiara, Emelia; Lopez, Violeta ; Shorey, Shefaly 
142019Using the Braden subscales to assess risk of pressure injuries in adult patients: A retrospective case-control studyLim, Ellene; Mordiffi, Zubaidah ; Chew, Han SJ ; Lopez, Violeta