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1May-2007A comparison of EQ-5D index scores derived from the US and UK population-based scoring functionsNan Luo ; Johnson, J.A.; Shaw, J.W.; Coons, S.J.
2Oct-2013A comparison of the scaling properties of the English, Spanish, French, and Chinese EQ-5D descriptive systemsLuo, N. ; Li, M.; Chevalier, J.; Lloyd, A.; Herdman, M.
32006A study of the construct validity of the health utilities index mark 3 (HUI3) in patients with schizophreniaLuo, N. ; Feeny, D.; Seng, B.-K.; Thumboo, J. ; Li, S.-C. 
42009Acceptance of information and communication technologies for healthcare delivery: A SingHealth Polyclinics studyLuo, N. ; Ng, W.-Y. ; Yau, J.W.-K.; Lim, L.-K.; Sim, S.S.-P.; Tay, E.-G.; Koh, W.-P. 
52-Oct-2008Are symbols useful and culturally acceptable in health-state valuation studies? An exploratory study in a multi-ethnic Asian populationWee, H.-L. ; Li, S.-C.; Zhang, X.-H.; Xie, F.; Feeny, D.; Luo, N. ; Cheung, Y.-B.; Machin, D.; Fong, K.-Y.; Thumboo, J.
62007Assessing differences in utility scores: A comparison of four widely used preference-based instrumentsWee, H.-L. ; Fong, K.-Y. ; Li, S.-C. ; Machin, D.; Loke, W.-C.; Cheung, Y.-B.; Luo, N. ; Feeny, D.; Thumboo, J. 
72008Attitudes towards the doctor-patient relationship: A prospective study in an Asian medical schoolLee, K.H. ; Seow, A.; Koh, D.; Luo, N. 
82016Becoming a confident and happy first-time mother: Postnatal psychoeducation intervention booklet for first-time mothers. Booklet for first-time mothers.He, HG ; Shorey, S ; Chan, WCS ; Chong, YS ; Luo, N ; Chan, YH ; Chow, A ; Jiao, NN ; Zhu, LX 
930-Aug-2021Behavioral impact of national health campaigns on healthy lifestyle practices among young adults in Singapore: a cross-sectional studyKhow, Yong Zhi; Lim, Talia Li Yin; Ng, Jarret Shoon Phing; Wu, Jiaxuan; Tan, Chuen Seng ; Chia, Kee Seng ; Luo, Nan ; Seow, Wei Jie 
1021-Nov-2018Can acute clinical outcomes predict health-related quality of life after stroke: a one-year prospective study of stroke survivorsYEOH, YEN SHING ; KOH, GERALD CHOON-HUAT ; TAN, CHUEN SENG ; LEE, KIM EN ; TU, TIAN MING ; SINGH, RAJINDER ; CHANG, HUI MENG ; DE SILVA, DEIDRE A ; NG, YEE SIEN ; ANG, YAN HOON; YAP, PHILIP ; CHEW, EFFIE ; MERCHANT, RESHMA AZIZ ; YEO, TSENG TSAI; CHOU, NING; VENKETASUBRAMANIAN, N ; YOUNG, SHERRY H; HOENIG, HELEN; MATCHAR, DAVID BRUCE ; LUO, NAN 
112018Can caregivers report their care recipients' post-stroke hospitalizations and outpatient visits accurately? Findings of an Asian prospective stroke cohort 11 Medical and Health Sciences 1117 Public Health and Health ServicesTyagi S. ; Koh G.C.-H. ; Luo N. ; Tan K.B.; Hoenig H.; Matchar D.B. ; Yoong J. ; Finkelstein E.A. ; Lee K.E.; Venketasubramanian N.; Menon E. ; Chan K.M.; De Silva D.A.; Yap P.; Tan B.Y.; Chew E. ; Young S.H.; Ng Y.S.; Tu T.M.; Ang Y.H.; Kong K.H.; Singh R.; Merchant R.A. ; Chang H.M. ; Yeo T.T.; Ning C.; Cheong A. ; Ng Y.L.; Tan C.S. 
1215-Mar-2023Comparing measurement properties of EQ-5D and SF-6D in East and South-East Asian populations: a scoping reviewAixue Zhang; zhuxin mao; zitong wang; Jing Wu; Nan Luo ; pei wang
132020Comparing the performance of the EQ-5D-3 L and the EQ-5D-5 L in an elderly Chinese populationYou, R.; Liu, J.; Yang, Z.; Pan, C.; Ma, Q.; Luo, N. 
142007Comparing three measures of health status (perceived health with Likert-type scale, EQ-5D, and number of chronic conditions) in Chinese and white CanadiansLeung, B.; Luo, N. ; So, L.; Quan, H.
152007Comparison of the EuroQol and short form 6D in Singapore multiethnic Asian knee osteoarthritis patients scheduled for total knee replacementXie, F. ; Li, S.-C. ; Luo, N. ; Lo, N.-N.; Yeo, S.-J.; Yang, K.-Y.; Fong, K.-Y. ; Thumboo, J. 
16Sep-2013Comparison of the measurement properties between a short and generic instrument, the 5-level EuroQoL Group's 5-dimension (EQ-5D-5L) questionnaire, and a longer and disease-specific instrument, the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy - Breast (FACT-B), in Asian breast cancer patientsLee, C.F.; Luo, N. ; Ng, R.; Wong, N.S.; Yap, Y.S.; Lo, S.K.; Chia, W.K.; Yee, A.; Krishna, L.; Wong, C.; Goh, C.; Cheung, Y.B. 
17Dec-2015Comparison of the preference-based EQ-5D-5L and SF-6D in patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD)Yang, Fan; Lau, Titus; Lee, Evan ; Vathsala, A ; Chia, Kee Seng ; Luo, Nan 
182007Computerized administration of health-related quality of life instruments compared to interviewer administration mayreduce sample size requirements in clinical research: A pilot randomized controlled trial among rheumatology patientsThumboo, J. ; Wee, H.-L. ; Kok Yong Fong ; Cheung, Y.-B.; Machin, D.; Luo, N. ; Feeny, D.
19May-2011Corrigendum to "Selegiline use is associated with a slower progression in early Parkinson's disease as evaluated by Hoehn and Yahr stage transition times" [Parkinsonism Relat Disord 17 (2011) 194-197]Zhao, Y.J.; Wee, H.L. ; Au, W.L.; Seah, S.H.; Luo, N. ; Li, S.C. ; Tan, L.C.S.
2021-May-2008Cost effectiveness analysis of population-based serology screening and 13C-Urea breath test of Helicobacter pylori to prevent gastric cancer: A Markov modelXie, F.; Luo, N. ; Lee, H.-P.