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Yap Lin Kiat Philip
Yap, P.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-2011Coping strategies influence caregiver outcomes among Asian family caregivers of persons with dementia in SingaporeLim, J.; Griva, K. ; Goh, J.; Chionh, H.L.; Yap, P. 
22013Deployment of assistive living technology in a nursing home environment: Methods and lessons learnedAloulou, H; Mokhtari, M; Tiberghien, T; Biswas, J; Phua, C; Kenneth Lin, J.H; Yap, P 
32018Detecting pre-death grief in family caregivers of persons with dementia: Measurement equivalence of the Mandarin-Chinese version of Marwit-Meuser caregiver grief inventoryLiew, T.M ; Yap, P ; Luo, N ; Hia, S.B; Koh, G.C.-H ; Tai, B.C 
42010Lying posture classification for pressure ulcer preventionPhyo Wai, A.A; Foo, S.F; Huang, W; Biswas, J; Hsia, C.-C; Liou, K; Yap, P 
52013Metabolic syndrome and amnestic mild cognitive impairment: Singapore longitudinal ageing study-2 findingsFeng, L. ; Chong, M.S.; Lim, W.S. ; Lee, T.S. ; Collinson, S.L. ; Yap, P. ; Ng, T.P. 
62018Mild Cognitive Impairment Reversion and Progression: Rates and Predictors in Community-Living Older Persons in the Singapore Longitudinal Ageing Studies CohortGao Q. ; Gwee X. ; Feng L. ; Nyunt M.S.Z. ; Feng L. ; Collinson S.L. ; Chong M.S.; Lim W.S. ; Lee T.-S. ; Yap P. ; Yap K.B. ; Ng T.P. 
723-Jul-2020The Longitudinal Effects of Caregiver Grief in Dementia and the Modifying Effects of Social Services: A Prospective Cohort StudyLiew, Tau Ming ; Tai, Bee Choo ; Wee, Shiou Liang ; Koh, Gerald Choon Huat ; Yap, Philip