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Xinyi Gwee
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Gwee, Xinyi
Gwee, X.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12017Characterisation of physical frailty and associated physical and functional impairments in mild cognitive impairmentNyunt, M.S.Z ; Soh, C.Y ; Gao, Q ; Gwee, X ; Ling, A.S.L; Lim, W.S ; Lee, T.S ; Yap, P.L.K; Yap, K.B ; Ng, T.P 
22010Cognitive function and tea consumption in community dwelling older Chinese in SingaporeFeng, L. ; Gwee, X. ; Kua, E.-H. ; Ng, T.-P. 
315-Dec-2020Cohort profile: the Diet and Healthy Aging (DaHA) study in SingaporeYu, Rongjun ; Sun, Ye; Ye, Kaisy Xinhong; Feng, Qiushi ; Lim, Su Lin; Mahendran, Rathi ; Cheah, Irwin Kee-Mun ; Foo, Roger Sik Yin ; Chua, Ru Yuan ; Gwee, Xinyi ; Loh, Marie; Sarmugam, Rani; Khine, Wei Wei Thwe ; Chao, Yin Xia; Larbi, Anis ; Lee, Yuan Kun ; Kumar, Alan Prem ; Kennedy, Brian K ; Kua, Ee Heok ; Feng, Lei 
42009Determinants of successful aging using a multidimensional definition among chinese elderly in singaporeNg, T.P. ; Broekman, B.F.P. ; Niti, M. ; Gwee, X. ; Kua, E.H. 
52020Estimating prevalence of subjective cognitive decline in and across international cohort studies of aging: a COSMIC studyRöhr, S.; Pabst, A.; Riedel-Heller, S.G.; Jessen, F.; Turana, Y.; Handajani, Y.S.; Brayne, C.; Matthews, F.E.; Stephan, B.C.M.; Lipton, R.B.; Katz, M.J.; Wang, C.; Guerchet, M.; Preux, P.-M.; Mbelesso, P.; Ritchie, K.; Ancelin, M.-L.; Carrière, I.; Guaita, A.; Davin, A.; Vaccaro, R.; Kim, K.W.; Han, J.W.; Suh, S.W.; Shahar, S.; Din, N.C.; Vanoh, D.; van Boxtel, M.; Köhler, S.; Ganguli, M.; Jacobsen, E.P.; Snitz, B.E.; Anstey, K.J.; Cherbuin, N.; Kumagai, S.; Chen, S.; Narazaki, K.; Ng, T.P. ; Gao, Q. ; Gwee, X. ; Brodaty, H.; Kochan, N.A.; Trollor, J.; Lobo, A.; López-Antón, R.; Santabárbara, J.; Crawford, J.D.; Lipnicki, D.M.; Sachdev, P.S.; for Cohort Studies of Memory in an International Consortium (COSMIC).
62012Life event stress and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): associations with mental well-being and quality of life in a population-based studyLu, Yanxia Lu; Ma, Shwe Zin Nyunt ; Gwee, Xinyi ; Feng, Liang ; Feng, Lei ; Kua, Ee Heok ; Kumar, Rajeev; Ng, Tze Pin 
72018Mild Cognitive Impairment Reversion and Progression: Rates and Predictors in Community-Living Older Persons in the Singapore Longitudinal Ageing Studies CohortGao Q. ; Gwee X. ; Feng L. ; Nyunt M.S.Z. ; Feng L. ; Collinson S.L. ; Chong M.S.; Lim W.S. ; Lee T.-S. ; Yap P. ; Yap K.B. ; Ng T.P. 
811-Dec-2021Physical and functional measures predicting long-term mortality in community-dwelling older adults: a comparative evaluation in the Singapore Longitudinal Ageing StudyCheong, C.Y.; Yap, P.; Gwee Xinyi ; DENISE CHUA QIAN LING ; Wee, S.L. ; Yap, K.B.; Ng, T.P.
922-Oct-2021Physiological Dysregulation, Frailty, and Impacts on Adverse Health and Functional OutcomesLu, Yanxia; Gwee, Xinyi ; Chua, Denise Q. L. ; Tan, Crystal T. Y.; Yap, Keng Bee; Larbi, Anis; Ng, Tze Pin 
107-Jun-2023Risk Factors of Progression to Cognitive Frailty: Singapore Longitudinal Ageing Study 2Lee, Shuen Yee; Nyunt, Ma Shwe Zin; Gao, Qi; Gwee, Xinyi ; Chua, Denise Qian Ling ; Yap, Keng Bee; Wee, Shiou Liang; Ng, Tze Pin 
1116-Nov-2020Socio-Environmental, Lifestyle, Behavioural, and Psychological Determinants of Biological Ageing: The Singapore Longitudinal Ageing StudyNg, Tze Pin ; Zhong, Xin; Gao, Qi ; Gwee, Xinyi ; Chua, Denise Qian Ling ; Larbi, Anis
1228-Aug-2023The Healthy Ageing Questionnaire Index: Validation in the Singapore Longitudinal Ageing StudyTze Pin Ng ; Xinyi Gwee ; Denise Q.L. Chua ; Shiou Liang Wee ; Chin Yee Cheong; Philip Lin Kiat Yap ; Keng Bee Yap