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Feng, Q.
Feng, Q.
Feng Qiushi

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1Aug-2012A new classification of function and disability in China: Subtypes based on performance-based and self-reported measuresPurser, J.L.; Feng, Q. ; Yi, Z.; Hoenig, H.
22019Age of Retirement and Human Capital in an Aging China, 2015–2050Feng, Q ; Yeung, W.-J.J ; Wang, Z; Zeng, Y
3Dec-2019Association between tea consumption and depressive symptom among Chinese older adultsShen, Ke; Zhang, Bin; QIUSHI FENG 
4Jul-2012Association of slower walking speed with incident knee osteoarthritis- related outcomesPurser, J.L.; Golightly, Y.M.; Feng, Q. ; Helmick, C.G.; Renner, J.B.; Jordan, J.M.
510-Dec-2020Bathing and Toileting Difficulties of Older Adults in Rural China: the Role of EnvironmentChangxi Liu; Joelle H. Fong ; Jasmon W. T. Hoh; Hailin Wu; Yunsheng Dong; Danan Gu; Qiushi Feng 
610-Dec-2020Bathing and toileting difficulties of older adults in rural China: the role of environmentLiu, Changxi; FONG HUNG YEE ; Hoh, Jasmon WT; Wu, Hailin; Dong, Yunsheng; Gu, Danan; QIUSHI FENG 
72020Belief in and use of traditional chinese medicine in shanghai older adults: A crosssectional studyXin, B.; Mu, S.; Tan, T. ; Yeung, A.; Gu, D.; Feng, Q. 
8Feb-2012Characterizing and identifying risk for falls in the LEAPS study: A randomized clinical trial of interventions to improve walking poststrokeTilson, J.K.; Wu, S.S.; Cen, S.Y.; Feng, Q. ; Rose, D.R.; Behrman, A.L.; Azen, S.P.; Duncan, P.W.
94-May-2020CHI study: Protocol for an observational cohort study on ageing and mental health in community-dwelling older adultsRACHAEL LEE ZHI YI ; YU JUNHONG ; Rawtaer, I; ALLEN PATRICK FINBARR ; Bao Zhiming ; Feng Lei ; QIUSHI FENG ; Lee, JK; LIM CHIN TAT ; Ling, LH; Thang, LL; Naing, T; Wang, DY; Yap, KZ; Kua, EH; Mahendran, R
102015Frailty still matters to health and survival in centenarians: The case of China Public health, nutrition and epidemiologyGu D.; Feng Q. 
1110-Nov-2020Health ExpectancyGu, Danan; QIUSHI FENG ; Jasmon, Hoh
122011Household vehicle consumption forecasts in the United States, 2000 to 2005Feng, Q. ; Wang, Z.; Gu, D.; Zeng, Y.
132013Interactions between Social/ behavioral factors and ADRB2 genotypes may be associated with health at advanced ages in ChinaZeng, Y.; Cheng, L.; Zhao, L.; Tan, Q.; Feng, Q. ; Chen, H.; Shen, K.; Li, J.; Zhang, F.; Cao, H.; Gregory, S.G.; Yang, Z.; Gu, J.; Tao, W.; Tian, X.-L.; Hauser, E.R.
141-Jan-2020Late-Life Cognitive Trajectories and their Associated Lifestyle FactorsYU JUNHONG ; QIUSHI FENG ; Yu, Jintai; Zeng, Yi; Feng Lei 
1510-Nov-2020Objectively Rated Successful AgingShogo, Ismail; Gu, Danan; QIUSHI FENG 
1614-Aug-2019Projecting household and living arrangements in AsiaQiushi Feng 
17Dec-2012ReplyPurser, J.L.; Golightly, Y.M.; Renner, J.B.; Jordan, J.M.; Feng, Q. ; Helmick, C.G.
1816-Jun-2021Social Disconnection and Living Arrangements among Older Adults: The Singapore Chinese Health StudyBarrenetxea, Jon; Yang, Yi; Pan, An; Feng, Qiushi ; Koh, Woon-Puay 
1910-Nov-2020Successful Aging Life ExpectancyGu, Danan; QIUSHI FENG ; Zhen, Zhihong
202015The Impacts of Unmet Needs for Long-Term Care on Mortality Among Older Adults in ChinaZhen Zhihong; Feng Qiushi ; Gu Danan