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125-Jun-2020Asset-Rich and Cash-Poor: Which Older Adults Value Reverse Mortgages?Fong, Joelle H ; Mitchell, Olivia S; Koh, Benedict S
22-Aug-2021Asset-rich and cash-poor: which older adults value reverse mortgages?Fong, Joelle H. ; Mitchell, Olivia S.; Koh, Benedict S. K.
310-Dec-2020Bathing and toileting difficulties of older adults in rural China: the role of environmentLiu, Changxi; Fong, Joelle H. ; Hoh, Jasmon WT ; Wu, Hailin; Dong, Yunsheng; Gu, Danan; Feng, Qiushi 
411-Apr-2018Boosting retirement adequacy via a lifetime investment schemeFong, JH ; Koh, Benedict
521-Jan-2021Building - and sustaining - trust in Singapore's CPF systemFong, Joelle H ; Koh, Benedict
616-Apr-2021Building Singaporeans' trust in financial-sector representativesFong, Joelle H ; Koh, Benedict
71-Jan-2019Determinants of second pillar pension reforms: Economic crisis and globalizationFong, J.H. ; LEIBRECHT, M
821-Nov-2019Disability Incidence and Functional Decline Among Older Adults with Major Chronic DiseasesFong, J.H. 
930-Jun-2020Does Subjective Health Matter? Predicting Overall and Specific ADL Disability IncidenceJoelle Fong ; Kok Zi-Cheng 
1016-Sep-2019Financial literacy and financial decision-making at older agesFong, Joelle H ; Koh, Benedict; Mitchell, OS; Rohwedder, S
113-Dec-2020Financial literacy and financial decision-making at older agesJoelle H. Fong ; Benedict S.K. Koh; Olivia S. Mitchell; Susann Rohwedder
121-Feb-2021Financial literacy and financial decision-making at older agesFong, Joelle H. ; Koh, Benedict S. K.; Mitchell, Olivia S.; Rohwedder, Susann
1326-Aug-2020Guest Editor’s Note on the Summer 2020 Special Issue – Perspectives in Risk ManagementFong, Joelle H 
1423-Dec-2015How Medishield Life benefits seniorsFong, Joelle H 
152019Income SecurityChristopher Gee Kok Aun ; Fong, Joelle H 
1618-Feb-2021Leisure-time physical activity and its correlates in a multi-ethnic sample of adults over age 50 in SingaporeFong, Joelle H 
1718-Feb-2021Leisure-time physical activity and its correlates in a multi-ethnic sample of adults over age 50 in SingaporeJoelle H. Fong 
1816-Jun-2021Long-Term Care Insurance Reform in SingaporeJoelle H. Fong ; Allan Borowski
1920-Sep-2019Out-of-pocket health spending among Medicare beneficiaries: Which chronic diseases are most costly?Fong, J.H. 
202-Aug-2023Personal values and people's attitudes toward older adultsFong, Joelle H ; Wang, Ting-Yan