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Wei-Jun, Jean Yeung
Yeung, Wei-Jun Jean
Yeung, Wei-Jun. Jean
Yeung, W.-J.J.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
112-Jul-2017Academic risk and resilience for children and young people in AsiaHaibin Li ; Andrew J. Martin; Wei-Jun Jean Yeung 
22019Age of Retirement and Human Capital in an Aging China, 2015–2050Feng, Q ; Yeung, W.-J.J ; Wang, Z; Zeng, Y
3Feb-2013Asian FatherhoodYeung, W.-J.J. 
4Apr-2008Assessing the quality of income data collected on a two-year periodicity: Experience from the Panel Study of Income DynamicsYeung, Wei-Jun Jean ; Stafford, Frank; Andreski, Patty
5Apr-2013China's Higher Education Expansion and Social StratificationYeung, Wei-Jun Jean 
6Mar-2013Coming of Age in Times of Change: The Transition to Adulthood in ChinaYeung, W.-J.J. ; Hu, S.
7Nov-2018Contributions of Research Based on the PSID Child Development SupplementHofferth, Sandra L; Bickham, David S; Brooks-Gunn, Jeanne; Davis-Kean, Pamela E; Yeung, Wei-Jun Jean 
82009Days of the week: Intra-family childcare time distributionYeung, Wei-Jun Jean ; Stafford, Frank
9Apr-2012Did Industrialization promote children’s health and education in China? : Paper presented at the Shanghai Forum, May 26-28, 2012, ShanghaiLevine, David I.; Nie, Lingyun; Yeung, Yin Bernard ; Yeung, Wei-Jun Jean ; Zhao, Yaohui
102013Economic Stress, Human Capital, and Families in Asia : Research and Policy ChallengesYeung, Wei-Jun Jean ; Yap, Mui Teng 
112013Economic Stress, Human Capital, and Families in Asia : Research and Policy ChallengesYeung, Wei-Jun Jean 
12Aug-2012Economic Stress, Quality of Life, and Mortality for the Oldest-Old in ChinaXu, Z.; Yeung, Wei-Jun Jean 
1319-Apr-2019Education and Childrearing Decision-making in East AsiaShu Hu; Wei-Jun Yeung 
1419-Jul-2014Emerging new family forms in Asia and beyondYeung, Wei-Jun Jean 
152012Explaining the Black–White achievement gap: An intergenerational stratification and developmental perspectiveYeung, Wei-Jun Jean 
168-Jun-2014Heterogeneity in contemporary Chinese marriageJi, Yingchun; Yeung, Wei-Jun Jean 
171-Jul-2013Higher education expansion and social stratification in ChinaYeung, Wei-Jun Jean 
189-Nov-2019Hopes and Hurdles: Rural Migrant Children's Education in Urban ChinaXiaorong Gu ; Wei-Jun Jean Yeung 
19Feb-2013Hoping for a Phoenix: Shanghai Fathers and Their DaughtersXu, Qiong; Yeung, Wei-Jun Jean 
2017-May-2013Implications of the College Expansion Policy for Social StratificationYeung, Wei-Jun Jean