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Zhiming Bao
Bao, Zhiming
Bao, Z.
Zhiming, B.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-2010A usage-based approach to substratum transfer: The case of four unproductive features in Singapore EnglishBao, Z. 
22004Accentualism in ChineseBao, Z. 
31995Already in Singapore EnglishBao, Z. 
42010Bazaar malay topicsZhiming, B. ; Aye, K.K.
52006Clash Avoidance and Metrical Opacity in Singapore EnglishZhiming, B. 
611-Jun-2019Cong yuliao kan fouding tisheng (Corpus data and negative raising)Bao Zhiming 
72006Diglossia and register variation in Singapore EnglishZhiming, B. ; Huaqing, H.
8Dec-2013Enjambment in Thumboo's poem "evening by batok town"Zhiming, B. ; Luwen, C.
925-May-2019Hanyu meiyou fouding tisheng (Chinese has no negative raising)Bao Zhiming 
1014-Jun-2019How Languages MixBao Zhiming 
112010Must in Singapore EnglishBao, Z. 
122009One in Singapore EnglishZhiming, B. 
132003Social stigma and grammatical autonomy in nonnative varieties of EnglishZhiming, B. 
141998Society, style and Structure in LanguageAlsagoff, Lubna ; Bao, Zhiming ; Talib, Ismail Bin Said ; Pakir, Anne ; Wee, Hock Ann Lionel 
15Jul-2012Substratum transfer targets grammatical systemZhiming, B. 
162000Syllabic constituency and sub-syllabic processesZhiming, B. 
171994Syllable Structure and Labial Co-Occurrence in TaiwaneseBao, Z. 
181995Syllable structure and partial reduplication in classical ChineseBao, Z. 
192005Systemic transfer, topic prominence, and the bare conditional in Singapore EnglishZhiming, B. ; Min, L.H.
2021-Jul-2022Tagging Singapore EnglishLin, Li; Han, Kunmei; Hing, Jiawen; Cao, Luwen ; Ooi, Vincent; Huang, Nick; Bao, Zhiming