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123-Mar-2021Associations Between Fear of COVID-19, Affective Symptoms and Risk Perception Among Community-Dwelling Older Adults During a COVID-19 LockdownHan, Madeline F. Y. ; Mahendran, Rathi ; Yu, Junhong 
221-Jul-2016Better Working Memory and Motor Inhibition in Children Who Delayed GratificationYu, Junhong ; Kam, Chi-Ming; Lee, Tatia MC
31-Sep-2019Can fMRI discriminate between deception and false memory? A meta-analytic comparison between deception and false memory studiesYU JUNHONG ; Qian Taoc; Zhang, Ruibin; Chan, Chetvvyn CH; Lee, Tatia MC
44-May-2020CHI study: Protocol for an observational cohort study on ageing and mental health in community-dwelling older adultsRACHAEL LEE ZHI YI ; YU JUNHONG ; Rawtaer, I; ALLEN PATRICK FINBARR ; Bao Zhiming ; Feng Lei ; QIUSHI FENG ; Lee, JK; LIM CHIN TAT ; Ling, LH; Thang, LL; Naing, T; Wang, DY; Yap, KZ; Kua, EH; Mahendran, R
51-Jan-2017Cognitive flexibility and changes in hopelessness across time: A moderation hypothesisYu, Junhong ; Lee, Tatia MC
619-Jul-2021COVID-19 lockdown has altered the dynamics between affective symptoms and social isolation among older adults: results from a longitudinal network analysisYu, Junhong ; Mahendran, Rathi 
71-Jul-2022Differences between multimodal brain-age and chronological-age are linked to telomere shorteningYu, Junhong ; Kanchi, Madhu Mathi ; Rawtaer, Iris ; Feng, Lei ; Kumar, Alan Prem ; Kua, Ee-Heok ; Mahendran, Rathii 
813-Oct-2022Differential associations between simple physical performance tests with global and specific cognitive functions in cognitively normal and mild cognitive impairment: a cross-sectional cohort study of Asian community-dwelling older adultsNg, Ted Kheng Siang ; Han, Madeline Fu Yun ; Loh, Ping Yeap; Kua, Ee Heok ; Yu, Junhong ; Best, John R; Mahendran, Rathi 
91-Jul-2018Directional associations between memory impairment and depressive symptoms: data from a longitudinal sample and meta-analysisYU JUNHONG ; Lim, Hui-Ying; FADZILLAH NUR D/O MOHAMED ABDULLAH ; CHAN HUI MINN ; RATHI MAHENDRAN ; ROGER HO CHUN MAN ; KUA EE HEOK ; POWER, MICHAEL JOHN ; Feng Lei 
101-Jan-2020Late-Life Cognitive Trajectories and their Associated Lifestyle FactorsYU JUNHONG ; QIUSHI FENG ; Yu, Jintai; Zeng, Yi; Feng Lei 
111-Apr-2020Multi-Session Anodal Prefrontal Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation does not Improve Executive Functions among Older AdultsYU JUNHONG ; Lam, Charlene LM; Man, Idy SC; Shao, Robin; Lee, Tatia MC
121-Oct-2016Perceived loneliness among older adults with mild cognitive impairmentYu, Junhong ; Lam, Charlene LM; Lee, Tatia MC
131-Jan-2018Profiles of Cognitive Impairments in an Older Age Community Sample: A Latent Class AnalysisYU JUNHONG ; Lee, Tatia MC
141-Dec-2017Self-reported sleep problems among the elderly: A latent class analysisYu, Junhong ; Mahendran, Rathi ; Abdullah, Fadzillah Nur Mohd; Kua, Ee-Heok ; Feng, Lei 
151-Jul-2018Six-month longitudinal associations between cognitive functioning and distress among the community-based elderly in Hong Kong: A cross-lagged panel analysisLeung, Chantel Joanne; Cheng, Lewis; YU JUNHONG ; Yiend, Jenny; Lee, Tatia MC
161-Jan-2019Super-cognition in aging: Cognitive profiles and associated lifestyle factorsYU JUNHONG ; COLLINSON,SIMON LOWES ; LIEW TAU MING ; NG TZE PIN ; RATHI MAHENDRAN ; KUA EE HEOK ; Feng Lei 
177-Aug-2020The Art of Remediating Age-Related Cognitive Decline: Art Therapy Enhances Cognition and Increases Cortical Thickness in Mild Cognitive ImpairmentYu, Junhong ; Rawtaer, Iris ; Goh, Lee Gan; Kumar, Alan Prem ; Feng, Lei ; Kua, Ee Heok ; Mahendran, Rathi 
182-Oct-2015The hypervigilant misperception of Duchenne smiles in schizotypyYu, Junhong ; Zaroff, Charles M; Bernardo, Allan BI
191-Apr-2019The longitudinal decline of white matter microstructural integrity in behavioral variant frontotemporal dementia and its association with executive functionYU JUNHONG ; Lee, Tatia MC
201-Feb-2016The management of food cravings and thirst in hemodialysis patients: A qualitative studyYu, Junhong ; Ng, Hui J ; Nandakumar, Mooppil; Griva, Konstadina