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Power, Michael John
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12013Assessing the quality of life of health-referred children and adolescents with short stature: Development and psychometric testing of the QoLISSY instrumentBullinger, M; Quitmann, J; Power, M ; Herdman, M; Mimoun, E; DeBusk, K; Feigerlova, E; Lunde, C; Dellenmark-Blom, M; Sanz, D; Rohenkohl, A; Pleil, A; Wollmann, H; Chaplin, J.E
21-Jul-2018Directional associations between memory impairment and depressive symptoms: data from a longitudinal sample and meta-analysisYU JUNHONG ; Lim, Hui-Ying; FADZILLAH NUR D/O MOHAMED ABDULLAH ; CHAN HUI MINN ; RATHI MAHENDRAN ; ROGER HO CHUN MAN ; KUA EE HEOK ; POWER, MICHAEL JOHN ; Feng Lei 
32018Psychometric properties of the EUROHIS-QOL 8-item index (WHOQOL-8) in a Brazilian samplePires, A.C.; Fleck, M.P.; Power, M. ; Da Rocha, N.S.
42005The European DISABKIDS project: Development of seven condition-specific modules to measure health related quality of life in children and adolescentsBaars, R.M; Atherton, C.I; Koopman, H.M; Bullinger, M; Power, M ; Bullinger, M; Schmidt, S; Petersen, C; Koopman, H; Baars, R; Hoare, P; Power, M; Atherton, C; Simeoni, M.C; Tsanakas, J; Karagianni, P; Hatziagorou, E; Vidalis, A; Chaplin, J.E; Quittan, M; Schuhfried, O; Hachemian, N; Thyen, U; Müller-Godeffroy, E
52018The role of character strengths in depression: A structural equation modelTehranchi A.; Doost H.T.N.; Amiri S.; Power M.J. 
62014Using the satisfaction with life scale in people with parkinson's disease: A validation study in different european countriesLucas-Carrasco, R; Den Oudsten, B.L; Eser, E; Power, M.J 
72013Validation of an instrument to evaluate quality of life in the aging population: WHOQOL-AGECaballero, F.F; Miret, M; Power, M ; Chatterji, S; Tobiasz-Adamczyk, B; Koskinen, S; Leonardi, M; Olaya, B; Haro, J.M; Ayuso-Mateos, J.L