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12017Art therapy and music reminiscence activity in the prevention of cognitive decline: Study protocol for a randomized controlled trialMahendran, R ; Rawtaer, I ; Fam, J ; Wong, J ; Kumar, A.P ; Gandhi, M ; Jing, K.X; Feng, L ; Kua, E.H 
22018Art therapy is associated with sustained improvement in cognitive function in the elderly with mild neurocognitive disorder: Findings from a pilot randomized controlled trial for art therapy and music reminiscence activity versus usual careMahendran R. ; Gandhi M. ; Moorakonda R.B. ; Wong J. ; Kanchi M.M. ; Fam J. ; Rawtaer I. ; Kumar A.P. ; Feng L. ; Kua E.H. 
31-Jun-2018Dataset on gene expression in the elderly after Mindfulness Awareness Practice or Health Education ProgramLim, HW; Saw, WY ; Feng, L ; Lee, YK ; Mahendran, R ; Cheah, IKM ; Rawtaer, I ; Kumar, AP ; Kua, EH ; Mahendran, R ; Tan, EC 
41-Jul-2022Differences between multimodal brain-age and chronological-age are linked to telomere shorteningYu, Junhong ; Kanchi, Madhu Mathi ; Rawtaer, Iris ; Feng, Lei ; Kumar, Alan Prem ; Kua, Ee-Heok ; Mahendran, Rathii 
52018Effects of horticultural therapy on asian older adults: A randomized controlled trialNg, K.S.T; Sia, A; Ng, M.K.W; Tan, C.T.Y; Chan, H.Y ; Tan, C.H ; Rawtaer, I ; Feng, L ; Mahendran, R ; Larbi, A; Kua, E.H ; Ho, R.C.M 
62017Effects of horticultural therapy on elderly' health: Protocol of a randomized controlled trialChan H.Y. ; Ho R.C.-M. ; Mahendran R. ; Ng K.S. ; Tam W.W.-S. ; Rawtaer I. ; Tan C.H. ; Larbi A. ; Feng L. ; Sia A.; Ng M.K.-W.; Gan G.L. ; Kua E.H.
71-Oct-2021Mindfulness Awareness Practice (MAP) to Prevent Dementia in Older Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment: Protocol of a Randomized Controlled Trial and Implementation OutcomesNg, Ted Kheng Siang; Feng, Lei ; Fam, Johnson ; Rawtaer, Iris ; Kumar, Alan Prem ; Rane, Grishma ; Cheah, Irwin Kee-Mun ; Mahendran, Ratha ; Lee, Yuan Kun ; Tan, Ene Choo ; Goh, Lee Gan ; Kua, Ee Heok ; Mahendran, Rathi 
87-Aug-2020The Art of Remediating Age-Related Cognitive Decline: Art Therapy Enhances Cognition and Increases Cortical Thickness in Mild Cognitive ImpairmentYu, Junhong ; Rawtaer, Iris ; Goh, Lee Gan; Kumar, Alan Prem ; Feng, Lei ; Kua, Ee Heok ; Mahendran, Rathi