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Grishma Avinash Rane


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11-Jan-2016Ageing and the telomere connection: An intimate relationship with inflammationZhang, Jingwen; Rane, Grishma ; Dai, Xiaoyun; Shanmugam, Muthu K ; Arfuso, Frank; Samy, Ramar Perumal ; Lai, Mitchell Kim Peng ; Kappei, Dennis ; Kumar, Alan Prem ; Sethi, Gautam 
215-Dec-2020Mental awareness improved mild cognitive impairment and modulated gut microbiomeKhine, Wei Wei Thwe ; Voong, Miao Lian; Ng, Ted Kheng Siang; Feng, Lei ; Rane, Grishma Avinash ; Kumar, Alan Prem ; Kua, Ee Heok ; Mahendran, Ratha ; Mahendran, Rathi ; Lee, Yuan-Kun 
31-Oct-2021Mindfulness Awareness Practice (MAP) to Prevent Dementia in Older Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment: Protocol of a Randomized Controlled Trial and Implementation OutcomesNg, Ted Kheng Siang; Feng, Lei ; Fam, Johnson ; Rawtaer, Iris ; Kumar, Alan Prem ; Rane, Grishma ; Cheah, Irwin Kee-Mun ; Mahendran, Ratha ; Lee, Yuan Kun ; Tan, Ene Choo ; Goh, Lee Gan ; Kua, Ee Heok ; Mahendran, Rathi 
42019ZBTB10 binds the telomeric variant repeat TTGGGG and interacts with TRF2Bluhm, A.; Viceconte, N.; Li, F.; Rane, G. ; Ritz, S.; Wang, S.; Levin, M.; Shi, Y.; Kappei, D. ; Butter, F.
52017ZBTB48 is both a vertebrate telomere-binding protein and a transcriptional activatorJahn, A; Rane, G ; Paszkowski-Rogacz, M; Sayols, S; Bluhm, A; Han, C.-T; Draškovič, I; Londoño-Vallejo, J.A; Kumar, A.P ; Buchholz, F; Butter, F; Kappei, D