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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
110-May-2012A submicroscopic deletion involving part of the CREBBP gene detected by array-CGH in a patient with Rubinstein-Taybi syndromeLai, A.H.M.; Brett, M.S.; Chin, W.-H.; Lim, E.C.P.; Ng, J.S.H.; Tan, E.-C. 
22010Alcohol and aldehyde dehydrogenase polymorphisms in chinese and indian populationsTan, E.-C. ; Lim, L.; Leong, J.-Y.; Lim, J.-Y.; Lee, A.; Yang, J.; Tan, C.-H.; Winslow, M.
32011An additional case of the recurrent 15q24.1 microdeletion syndrome and review of the literatureNg, I.S.L.; Chin, W.-H.; Lim, E.C.P.; Tan, E.-C. 
41-Jun-2014Association of premenstrual/menstrual symptoms with perinatal depression and a polymorphic repeat in the polyglutamine tract of the retinoic acid induced 1 geneTan, E.-C. ; Tan, H.-S.; Chua, T.-E.; Lee, T.; Ng, J.; Ch'Ng, Y.-C.; Choo, C.-H.; Chen, H.Y. 
55-Jul-2006Characterization of frequencies and distribution of single nucleotide insertions/deletions in the human genomeTan, E.-C. ; Li, H.
62006Congenital long QT syndromes: Clinical features, molecular genetics and genetic testingChing, C.-K.; Tan, E.-C. 
72013De novo 2.3 Mb microdeletion of 1q32.2 involving the Van der Woude Syndrome locusTan, E.-C. ; Lim, E.C.; Lee, S.-T.
815-Mar-2013De novo 3q22.1 q24 deletion associated with multiple congenital anomalies, growth retardation and intellectual disabilityBrett, M.S.; Ng, I.S.L.; Lim, E.C.P.; Yong, M.H.; Li, Z.; Lai, A.; Tan, E.-C. 
9Jul-2013De novo trisomy 12p in twin girls with different levels of mosaicismLim, E.C.P.; Ng, I.S.L.; Yong, M.-H.; Yon, H.-Y.; Brett, M.S.Y.; Tan, E.-C. 
1023-Jun-2009Ethnicity and OPRM variant independently predict pain perception and patient-controlled analgesia usage for post-operative painTan, E.-C. ; Lim, E.C.P.; Teo, Y.-Y.; Lim, Y.; Law, H.-Y.; Sia, A.T.
111999Evidence for an association between heroin dependence and a VNTR polymorphism at the serotonin transporter locus [3]Tan, E.C. ; Yeo, B.K.L.; Ho, B.K.W.; Tay, A.H.N. ; Tan, C.H.
123-Oct-2005Gender-specific association of insertion/deletion polymorphisms in the nogo gene and chronic schizophreniaTan, E.-C. ; Chong, S.-A.; Wang, H.; Lim, E.C.-P.; Teo, Y.-Y.
135-Oct-2009LRRK2 G2385R modulates age at onset in Parkinson's disease: A multi-center pooled analysisTan, E.K. ; Peng, R.; Wu, Y.R.; Wu, R.M.; Wu-Chou, Y.H.; Tan, L.C.; An, X.K.; Chen, C.M.; Fook-Chong, S.; Lu, C.S.
14Mar-2011Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) C677T and A1298C polymorphisms and age of onset in schizophrenia: A combined analysis of independent samplesSaetre, P.; Vares, M.; Werge, T.; Andreassen, O.A.; Arinami, T.; Ishiguro, H.; Nanko, S.; Tan, E.C. ; Han, D.H.; Roffman, J.L.; Muntjewerff, J.-W.; Jagodzinski, P.P.; Kempisty, B.; Hauser, J.; Vilella, E.; Betcheva, E.; Nakamura, Y.; Regland, B.; Agartz, I.; Hall, H.; Terenius, L.; Jönsson, E.G.
15Sep-1992Novel brain-specific bovine cDNA for a developmentally regulated mRNA encoding a putative new member of the leucine-rich glycoprotein (LRG) familyTan, E.-C. ; Lim, L.
16Aug-2011Partial trisomy 3p and partial monosomy 11q associated with atrial septal defect, cleft palate, and developmental delay: A case reportTan, E.-C. ; Lim, E.; Cham, B.; Knight, L.; Ng, I.
17Mar-2006Singapore human mutation/polymorphism database: A country-specific database for mutations and polymorphisms in inherited disorders and candidate gene association studiesTan, E.-C. ; Loh, M.; Chuon, D.; Lim, Y.P.
1825-Dec-1993The human active breakpoint cluster region-related gene encodes a brain protein with homology to guanine nucleotide exchange proteins and GTPase-activating proteinsTan, E.-C. ; Leung, T. ; Manser, E. ; Lim, L.