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Tiong Heng Alex Sia
Sia, A.T.


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12017A preliminary assessment of the LMA protector™ in non-paralysed patientsSng, B.L ; Ithnin, F.B ; Mathur, D ; Lew, E ; Han, N.-L.R; Sia, A.T.-H 
22008A118G single nucleotide polymorphism of human μ-opioid receptor gene influences pain perception and patient-controlled intravenous morphine consumption after intrathecal morphine for postcesarean analgesiaSia, A.T. ; Goh, R.W.C.; Law, H.Y.; Landau, R.; Teo, Y.-Y.; Tan, E.C. ; Lim, Y.; Lim, E.C.P.
31-Oct-2021Blockchain applications in health care for COVID-19 and beyond: a systematic reviewNg, Wei Yan ; Tan, Tien-En ; Movva, Prasanth V. H.; Fang, Andrew Hao Sen ; Yeo, Khung-Keong ; Ho, Dean ; Foo, Fuji Shyy San; Xiao, Zhe; Sun, Kai; Wong, Tien Yin ; Sia, Alex Tiong-Heng ; Ting, Daniel Shu Wei 
42018Development and validation of a predictive risk factor model for epidural re-siting in women undergoing labour epidural analgesia: A retrospective cohort studyLee, J.S.E; Sultana, R; Han, N.L.R; Sia, A.T.H ; Sng, B.L 
52018Investigating determinants for patient satisfaction in women receiving epidural analgesia for labour pain: A retrospective cohort studyTan, D.J.A; Sultana, R; Han, N.L.R; Sia, A.T.H ; Sng, B.L 
618-Oct-2021Machine learning approach to needle insertion site identification for spinal anesthesia in obese patientsIn Chan, Jason Ju ; Ma, Jun ; Leng, Yusong ; Tan, Kok Kiong ; Tan, Chin Wen ; Sultana, Rehena ; Sia, Alex Tiong Heng ; Sng, Ban Leong 
72017Supreme™ laryngeal mask airway use in general Anesthesia for category 2 and 3 Cesarean delivery: A prospective cohort studyLi, S.Y; Yao, W.Y; Yuan, Y.J; Tay, W.S; Han, N.-L.R; Sultana, R; Assam, P.N; Sia, A.T.-H ; Sng, B.L