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Tay, Hou Ngee Agnes
Tay, A.
Tay, A.H.-N.
Tay, A.H.N.
Tay, A.H.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Feb-2000A KCNQ2 splice site mutation causing benign neonatal convulsions in a Scottish familyLee, W.L.; Biervert, C.; Hallmann, K.; Tay, A. ; Dean, J.C.S.; Steinlein, O.K.
21996Activation and association of Stat3 with Src in v-Src-transformed cell linesCao, X. ; Tay, A. ; Guy, G.R. ; Tan, Y.H. 
31997Association between allele 1 of T102C polymorphism, 5-hydroxytryptamine 2a receptor gene and schizophrenia in Chinese males in SingaporeTay, A.H.N. ; Lim, L.C.C.; Lee, W.L.; Wong, K.E.; Wong, L.Y.; Tsoi, W.F.
41998Association of infantile convulsions with paroxysmal dyskinesias (ICCA syndrome): Confirmation of linkage to human chromosome 16p12-q12 in a Chinese familyLee, W.-L.; Tay, A. ; Ong, H.-T.; Goh, L.-M.; Monaco, A.P.; Szepetowski, P.
51999Asthma and TNF variants in Chinese and MalaysTan, E.C.; Lee, B.W.; Tay, A.W.N.; Chew, F.T.; Tay, A.H.N. 
61999Ethnic differences in genetic susceptibility to atopy and asthmaTay, A.H.N. ; Chew, F.T. ; Goh, D.L.M. ; Shek, L.P.C. ; Lee, B.W. ; Tan, E.C.
72000Ethnic differences in genetic susceptibility to atopy and asthma in SingaporeShek, L.P.C. ; Tay, A.H.N. ; Goh, D.L.M. ; Lee, B.W. 
81999Evidence for an association between heroin dependence and a VNTR polymorphism at the serotonin transporter locus [3]Tan, E.C. ; Yeo, B.K.L.; Ho, B.K.W.; Tay, A.H.N. ; Tan, C.H.
91996Genetic basis of disease: Studies of eicosanoids, and some complex disease traitsTay, A. 
102001Genetic susceptibility to asthma and atopy among Chinese in Singapore - Linkage to markers on chromosome 5q31-33Shek, L.P.-C. ; Tay, A.H. ; Chew, F.T. ; Goh, D.L.M. ; Lee, B.W. 
111999IL-4Ralpha gene Ile50Val polymorphism.Tan, E.C.; Lee, B.W. ; Chew, F.T. ; Shek, L. ; Tay, A.W.; Tay, A.H. 
121999Interleukin-4 receptor variant Q576R: Ethnic differences and association with atopy [2]Tan, E.C.; Lee, B.W. ; Tay, A.W.N.; Shek, L. ; Chew, F.T. ; Tay, A.H.N. 
13Aug-2000Membranous nephropathy with anti-tubular basement membrane antibody may be X-linkedTay, A.H.N. ; Ren, E.-C.; Murugasu, B.; Sim, S.-K.; Tan, P.-H.; Cohen, A.H.; Yap, H.-K.
141998Recommendations for a nomenclature system for human gene mutationsAntonarakis, S.E.; Ashburner, M.; Auerbach, A.D.; Beaudet, A.L.; Beckmann, J.S.; Beutler, E.; Cooper, D.N.; Cotton, R.G.H.; Den Dunnen, J.T.; Desnick, R.J.; Eng, C.; Fasman, K.H.; Goldman, D.; Hayashi, K.; Hutchinson, F.; Kazazian Jr., H.H.; Keen, J.; King, M.-C.; Lehvaslaiho, H.; McAlpine, P.J.; McKusick, V.; Motulski, A.G.; Povey, S.; Schorderet, D.F.; Scriver, C.R.; Shows Jr., T.B.; Supertifurga, A.; Tay, A.H.N. ; Tsui, L.-C.; Valle, D.; Vihinen, M.
154-Dec-2000Tardive dyskinesia is not associated with the serotonin gene polymorphism (5-HTTLPR) in ChineseChong, S.-A.; Tan, E.-C.; Tan, C.-H.; Mahendren, R.; Tay, A.H.-N. ; Chua, H.-C.
161990The red cell charge in steroid--responsive nephrotic syndrome.Murugasu, B. ; Yap, H.K. ; Tay, A.H. 
172002Thiopurine methyltransferase polymorphisms in a multiracial Asian population and children with acute lymphoblastic leukemiaKham, S.K.Y.; Tan, P.L.; Tay, A.H.N. ; Heng, C.K.; Yeoh, A.E.J.; Quah, T.-C.