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Collinson, Simon Lowes
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Collinson, Simon L.
Collinson, S.L.
Collinson, Simon Lowes
Collinson, Simon
Collinson, S.
Collinson, Simon L
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Additive effect of cerebral atrophy on cognition in dementia-free elderly with cerebrovascular diseaseXu, X. ; Phua, A. ; Collinson, S.L. ; Hilal, S. ; Ikram, M.K. ; Wong, T.Y. ; Cheng, C.Y. ; Venketasubramanian, N. ; Chen, C.
21-Mar-2012Altered depth perception is associated with presence of schizotypal personality traitsBarbato, M.; Collinson, S.L. ; Casagrande, M.
31-Apr-2013Applicability of the MATRICS consensus cognitive battery in SingaporeRapisarda, A. ; Lim, T.F.; Lim, M.; Collinson, S.L. ; Kraus, M.S.; Keefe, R.S.E.
4Jul-2010Asymmetry loss is local rather than global in adolescent onset schizophreniaClark, G.M.; Crow, T.J.; Barrick, T.R.; Collinson, S.L. ; James, A.C.; Roberts, N.; Mackay, C.E.
5Feb-2012Asymmetry of lexico-semantic processing in schizophrenia changes with disease progressionLam, M.; Collinson, S.L. ; Sim, K.; Mackay, C.E.; James, A.C.D.; Crow, T.J.
6Jun-2012Brief screening tests during acute admission in patients with mild stroke are predictive of vascular cognitive impairment 3-6 months after strokeDong, Y. ; Venketasubramanian, N. ; Chan, B.P.-L.; Sharma, V.K. ; Slavin, M.J.; Collinson, S.L. ; Sachdev, P.; Chan, Y.H.; Chen, C.L.-H. 
715-Nov-2012Changes in cerebral hemodynamic and cognitive parameters after external carotid-internal carotid bypass surgery in patients with severe steno-occlusive disease: A pilot studyDong, Y. ; Teoh, H.L. ; Chan, B.P.L.; Ning, C.; Yeo, T.T.; Sinha, A.K. ; Venketasubramanian, N. ; Slavin, M.J.; Sachdev, P.; Collinson, S.L. ; Chen, C. ; Sharma, V.K. 
82010Chronic impairment of prospective memory after mild traumatic brain injuryTay, S.Y.; Meyyappan, A.; Collinson, S.L. ; Ang, B.T.; Lau, X.Y.
9Jan-2014Corpus callosum morphology in first-episode and chronic schizophrenia: Combined magnetic resonance and diffusion tensor imaging study of Chinese Singaporean patientsCollinson, S.L. ; Gan, S.C.; Woon, P.S.; Kuswanto, C. ; Sum, M.Y.; Yang, G.L.; Lui, J.M.; Sitoh, Y.Y.; Nowinski, W.L.; Sim, K. 
102010Cross-cultural application of the repeatable battery for the assessment of neuropsychological status (RBANS): Performances of elderly Chinese SingaporeansLim, M.-L. ; Collinson, S.L. ; Feng, L. ; Ng, T.-P. 
1113-Jul-2016Depressive symptoms moderate the relationship between sleep quality and cognitive functions among the elderlyJunhong Yu; Iris Rawtaer; Rathi Mahendran; Simon Collinson ; Ee-Heok Kua ; Lei Feng 
122009Dichotic listening impairments in early onset schizophrenia are associated with reduced left temporal lobe volumeCollinson, S.L. ; Mackay, C.E.; Crow, T.J.; O., J.; James, A.C.D.
132009Duration of illness, regional brain morphology and neurocognitive correlates in schizophreniaChan, W.-Y.; Chia, M.-Y.; Woon, P.-S.; Yang, G.-L.; Nowinski, W.L.; Sitoh, Y.-Y.; Collinson, S.L. ; Sim, K.
14Mar-2013Formulation of the age-education index: Measuring age and education effects in neuropsychological performanceLam, M.; Eng, G.K.; Rapisarda, A. ; Subramaniam, M.; Kraus, M.; Keefe, R.S.E.; Collinson, S.L. 
15Feb-2011Gender differences in schizotypal personality in a Chinese populationGuo, M.E.; Collinson, S.L. ; Subramaniam, M.; Chong, S.A.
162010Increased ratio of 2nd to 4th digit (2D:4D) in schizophreniaCollinson, S.L. ; Lim, M.; Chaw, J.H.; Verma, S.; Sim, K.; Rapisarda, A.; Chong, S.A.
17May-2012Inhibition of return: A "depth-blind" mechanism?Casagrande, M.; Barbato, M.; Mereu, S.; Martella, D.; Marotta, A.; Theeuwes, J.; Collinson, S.L. 
182009Injury and recovery: Severe amnestic syndrome following traumatic brain injuryCollinson, S.L. ; Meyyappan, A.; Rosenfeld, J.V.
192009Injury and recovery: Severe amnestic syndrome following traumatic brain injuryCollinson, S.L. ; Meyyappan, A.; Rosenfeld, J.V.
20Feb-2012Long term digital mobile phone use and cognitive decline in the elderlyNg, Tze Pin ; Lim, May Li ; Niti, Mathew; Collinson, Simon