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Teoh Hock Luen
Teoh, H.L.
Luen Teoh, H.
Luen, T.H.
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11-Aug-2020A multinational, multicentre study on the psychological outcomes and associated physical symptoms amongst healthcare workers during COVID-19 outbreakChew, Nicholas WS; Lee, Grace KH; Tan, Benjamin YQ; Jing, Mingxue; Goh, Yihui; Ngiam, Nicholas JH; Yeo, Leonard LL ; Ahmad, Aftab ; Khan, Faheem Ahmed; Shanmugam, Ganesh Napolean; Sharma, Arvind K; Komalkumar, RN; Meenakshi, PV; Shah, Kenam; Patel, Bhargesh; Chan, Bernard PL; Sunny, Sibi; Chandra, Bharatendu ; Ong, Jonathan JY ; Paliwal, Prakash R ; Wong, Lily YH; Sagayanathan, Renarebecca; Chen, Jin Tao; Ng, Alison Ying Ying; Teoh, Hock Luen ; Tsivgoulis, Georgios; Ho, Cyrus S; Ho, Roger C; Sharma, Vijay K 
2Jan-2012A woman with headaches and blurred vision.Ng, K.W. ; Teoh, H.L. ; Lim, E.C.
31-Nov-2020Asian-Pacific perspective on the psychological well-being of healthcare workers during the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemicChew, Nicholas WS; Ngiam, Jinghao Nicholas; Tan, Benjamin Yong-Qiang; Sai-Meng, Tham; Tan, Celine Yan-Shan; Jing, Mingxue; Sagayanathan, Renarebecca; Chen, Jin Tao; Wong, Lily YH; Ahmad, Aftab; Khan, Faheem Ahmed; Marmin, Maznah; Hassan, Fadhlina Binte; Sharon, Tai Mei-Ling; Lim, Chin Han; Bin Mohaini, Mohamad Iqbal; Danuaji, Rivan; Nguyen, Thang H; Tsivgoulis, Georgios; Tsiodras, Sotirios; Fragkou, Paraskevi C; Dimopoulou, Dimitra; Sharma, Arvind K; Shah, Kenam; Patel, Bhargesh; Sharma, Suktara; Komalkumar, RN; Meenakshi, R; Talati, Shikha; Teoh, Hock Luen ; Ho, Cyrus S; Ho, Roger C ; Sharma, Vijay K 
41-Sep-2019Association between Bilateral Infarcts Pattern and Detection of Occult Atrial Fibrillation in Embolic Stroke of Undetermined Source (ESUS) Patients with Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM)Yushan, Boi; Tan, Benjamin YQ; Ngiam, Nicholas Jinghao; Chan, Bernard PL; TEOH HOCK LUEN ; Vijay Kumar Sharma ; SIA CHING HUI ; Dalakoti, Mayank; SEOW SWEE CHONG ; KOJODJOJO PIPIN ; YEO LEONG LITT,LEONARD 
515-Jun-2010Bilateral thalamic infarctions due to occlusion of artery of PercheronTeoh, H.L. ; Ahmad, A.; Yeo, L.L.L. ; Hsu, E.; Chan, B.P.L.; Sharma, V.K. 
6Sep-2010Cerebral vasomotor reactivity in epilepsy patientsSharma, V.K. ; Teoh, H.L. ; Chan, B.P.L.
715-Nov-2012Changes in cerebral hemodynamic and cognitive parameters after external carotid-internal carotid bypass surgery in patients with severe steno-occlusive disease: A pilot studyDong, Y. ; Teoh, H.L. ; Chan, B.P.L.; Ning, C.; Yeo, T.T.; Sinha, A.K. ; Venketasubramanian, N. ; Slavin, M.J.; Sachdev, P.; Collinson, S.L. ; Chen, C. ; Sharma, V.K. 
8Oct-2010Chronic brainstem ischemia in subclavian steal syndromeSharma, V.K. ; Chuah, B.; Teoh, H.L. ; Chan, B.P.L.; Sinha, A.K. ; Robless, P.A. 
9Apr-2010Comment on "Intravenous thrombolysis for acute ischemic stroke: The Malabar experience 2003 to 2008"Sharma, V.K. ; Teoh, H.L. ; Chan, B.P.L.
10Dec-2011Current status of intravenous thrombolysis for acute ischemic stroke in AsiaSharma, V.K. ; Ng, K.W.P. ; Venketasubramanian, N. ; Saqqur, M.; Teoh, H.L. ; Kaul, S.; Srivastava, P.M.V.; Sergentanis, T.; Suwanwela, N.; Nguyen, T.H.; Lawrence Wong, K.S.; Chan, B.P.L.
112017Decline in changing montreal cognitive assessment (MoCA) scores is associated withpost-stroke cognitive decline determined by a formal neuropsychological evaluationTan H.H.; Xu J.; Teoh H.L. ; Chan B.P.-L.; Seet R.C.S. ; Venketasubramanian N. ; Sharma V.K. ; Chen C.L.-H. ; Dong Y.
12Feb-2010Disseminated lesions in infective endocarditisAhmad, A.; Teoh, H.L. ; Sharma, V.K. 
1326-Apr-2020Effect of erroneous body-weight estimation on outcome of thrombolyzed stroke patientsPaliwal, Prakash R ; Sharma, Arvind K; Komal Kumar, RN; Wong, Lily YH; Chan, Bernard PL; Teoh, Hock Luen ; Sharma, Vijay K 
14Nov-2010Feasibility and safety of intravenous thrombolysis in multiethnic asian stroke patients in singaporeSharma, V.K. ; Tsivgoulis, G.; Tan, J.H.; Wong, L.Y.H.; Ong, B.K.C. ; Chan, B.P.L.; Teoh, H.L. 
1510-Jul-2018Genotype-guided versus traditional clinical dosing of warfarin in patients of Asian ancestry: A randomized controlled trialSyn N.L.; Wong A.L.-A. ; Lee S.-C. ; Teoh H.-L. ; Yip J.W.L. ; Seet R.C.S. ; Yeo W.T. ; Kristanto W.; Bee P.-C.; Poon L.M. ; Marban P. ; Wu T.S.; Winther M.D.; Brunham L.R.; Soong R. ; Tai B.-C.; Goh B.-C. 
1615-Jun-2021Headache Related to PPE Use during the COVID-19 Pandemic.Ong, Jonathan JY ; Chan, Amanda CY ; Bharatendu, Chandra ; Teoh, Hock Luen ; Chan, Yee Cheun ; Sharma, Vijay K 
1730-Mar-2020Headaches Associated with Personal Protective Equipment - A Cross-sectional Study Amongst Frontline Healthcare Workers During COVID-19 (HAPPE Study)JY Ong, Jonathan ; Bharatendu, Chandra ; Goh, Yihui; ZY Tang, Jonathan; WX Sooi, Kenneth; Lin Tan, Yi; YQ Tan, Benjamin; Teoh, Hock-Luen ; Ting Ong, Shi; Allen, David M ; Sharma, Vijay K 
181-Feb-2020High incidence of under-treated atrial fibrillation: perspectives from an Asian Stroke Endovascular Thrombectomy RegistryTan, Benjamin Yong-Qiang; Leow, Aloysius Sheng-Ting; Teoh, Hock Luen ; Gopinathan, Anil ; Yang, Cunli; Paliwal, Prakash R ; Sharma, Vijay K ; Seet, Raymond Chee-Seong ; Chan, Bernard Poon-Lap; Yeo, Leonard Leong-Litt 
19Jan-2011Hyperdense middle cerebral artery sign and stroke outcomes after intravenous thrombolysisSharma, V.K. ; Venketasubramanian, N. ; Teoh, H.L. ; Chan, B.P.L.
2013-Jul-2020Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on hyperacute stroke treatment: experience from a comprehensive stroke centre in SingaporePaliwal, Prakash R ; Tan, Benjamin YQ; Leow, Aloysius ST; Sibi, Sunny; Chor, Daniel WP; Chin, Amanda XY; Yau, Ying-Wei ; Cross, Gail B ; Wong, Lily YH; Chia, Magdalene LJ; Quak, Zhixuan; Chua, Christopher YK; Tang, David KK; Zune, Ei The; Hung, Jennifer; Goh, Yihui; Jing, Mingxue; Gopinathan, Anil; Yang, Cunli; Ahmad, Aftab; Khoo, Deborah XL; Lee, Chang-Chuan M; Seet, Raymond CS ; Sharma, Vijay K ; Teoh, Hock-Luen ; Yeo, Leonard LL ; Chan, Bernard PL