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Anil Gopinathan
Anil, G.
Anil, Gopinathan
Gopinathan, A.


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115-Oct-2020Can a stentretriver damage the Jet-7 reperfusion catheterTi, Joanna ; Yeo, Leong Litt Leonard ; Anil, Gopinathan 
211-Jun-2020Deep Cerebral Venous Thrombosis Treatment Endovascular Case using Aspiration and Review of the Various Treatment ModalitiesYeo, Leonard LL ; Lye, Priscillia PS; Yee, Kong Wan; Cunli, Yang; Ming, Tu Tian; Ho, Andrew FW ; Sharma, Vijay K ; Chan, Bernard PL; Tani, Benjamin YQ; Gopinathan, Anil 
37-Apr-2022Effect of Sex on Outcomes of Mechanical Thrombectomy in Basilar Artery Occlusion: A Multicenter Cohort StudyTan, Benjamin Y.Q.; Siow, Isabel; Lee, Keng Siang; Chen, Vanessa; Ong, Natalie ; Gopinathan, Anil ; Yang, Cunli; Bhogal, Pervinder; Lam, Erika; Spooner, Oliver; Meyer, Lukas; Fiehler, Jens; Papanagiotou, Panagiotis; Kastrup, Andreas; Alexandrou, Maria; Zubel, Seraphine; Wu, Qingyu; Mpotsaris, Anastasios; Maus, Volker; Andersson, Tommy; Gontu, Vamsi; Arnberg, Fabian; Lee, Tsong-Hai; Chan, Bernard; Teoh, Hock Luen; Seet, Raymond C.S. ; Sharma, Vijay ; Yeo, Leonard L.L. 
421-Oct-2021The effectiveness of the Safety in Interventional Radiology (SIR) Shield in reducing droplet transmission and its effect on image quality and radiation dose.Ong, Shao Jin; Anil, Gopinathan ; Chia, Koon Liang; Khoo, Deborah; Lee, Joseph Kt; Chen, Priscilla Xh; Nares, Teddy M; Koh, Calvin J; Su, Peijing ; Yang, Cunli; Singh, Pavel; Rajendran, Prapul C; Fotheringham, Timothy; Quek, Swee T ; Renfrew, Ian
51-Feb-2020High incidence of under-treated atrial fibrillation: perspectives from an Asian Stroke Endovascular Thrombectomy RegistryTan, Benjamin Yong-Qiang; Leow, Aloysius Sheng-Ting; Teoh, Hock Luen ; Gopinathan, Anil ; Yang, Cunli; Paliwal, Prakash R ; Sharma, Vijay K ; Seet, Raymond Chee-Seong ; Chan, Bernard Poon-Lap; Yeo, Leonard Leong-Litt 
628-Nov-2019How to do it: value‐driven sharp recanalization of central vein occlusionYoong, Gary Sem Wye; Koh, Fredrick Hong Xiang; Wee, Bernard Boon Kee; ANIL GOPINATHAN ; HO PEI 
7Jan-2011Image-guided facet joint injectionGopinathan, A. ; Peh, W.C.G.
82010Imaging characteristics of schwannoma of the cervical sympathetic chain: A review of 12 casesAnil, G ; Tan, T.Y
922-Feb-2021Intra-Arterial Adjunctive Medications for Acute Ischemic Stroke During Mechanical ThrombectomyChen, Vanessa HE; Lee, Grace KH; Tan, Choon-Han; Leow, Aloysius ST; Tan, Ying-Kiat ; Goh, Claire; Gopinathan, Anil ; Yang, Cunli; Chan, Bernard PL; Sharma, Vijay K ; Tan, Benjamin YQ; Yeo, Leonard LL 
101-Jun-2021Left ventricular systolic dysfunction is associated with poor functional outcomes after endovascular thrombectomyTan, Benjamin YQ; Leow, Aloysius ST; Lee, Tsong-Hai; Gontu, Vamsi Krishna; Andersson, Tommy; Holmin, Staffan; Wong, Ho-Fai; Lin, Chuan-Min; Cheng, Chih-Kuang; Sia, Ching-Hui ; Ngiam, Nicholas; Ng, Zhi-Xuan; Yeo, Joshua; Chan, Bernard; Teoh, Hock-Luen ; Seet, Raymond ; Paliwal, Prakash ; Anil, Gopinathan ; Yang, Cunli; Maus, Volker; Abdullayev, Nuran; Mpotsaris, Anastasios; Bhogal, Pervinder; Wong, Ken; Makalanda, Hegoda Levansri Dilrukshan; Spooner, Oliver; Amlani, Sageet; Campbell, Daniel; Michael, Robert; Quaschling, Ulf; Schob, Stefan; Maybaum, Jens; Sharma, Vijay Kumar ; Yeo, Leonard LL 
1125-Jan-2023A Novel Endovascular Treatment for Recurrent Secondary Aorto-Enteric Fistula in a Patient With Prior Infra-Renal Aortic LigationCheong, Calvin; Dharmaraj, Rajesh; Tan, Amos; Ong, Shao J; Anil, Gopinathan 
12Oct-2019Oral PresentationsGopinathan, Anil 
131-Mar-2022A phase 1 study of the safety, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of escalating doses followed by dose expansion of the selective inhibitor of nuclear export (SINE) selinexor in Asian patients with advanced or metastatic malignanciesHo, Jingshan ; Heong, Valerie; Yong, Wei Peng ; Soo, Ross ; Chee, Cheng Ean ; Wong, Andrea ; Sundar, Raghav; Thian, Yee Liang ; Gopinathan, Anil ; Pang, Mei Yan; Koe, Priscillia; Jeraj, Santhiay Nathan; Soe, Phyu Pyar; Soe, Mu Yar; Tang, Tiffany ; Ng, Matthew CH; Tai, David WM ; Tan, Tira JY ; Xu, Hongmei; Chang, Hua; Landesman, Yosef; Shah, Jatin ; Shacham, Sharon; Lee, Soo Chin ; Tan, Daniel SW ; Goh, Boon Cher ; Tan, David SP 
1424-Mar-2017Preoperative Embolization in Spinal Tumour SurgeryNaresh, kumar ; Aye Sandar Zaw; Gopinathan, Anil ; Barry Tan
15Oct-2011Radiology Quiz Case 1Anil, G. 
1627-Apr-2020Significant aortic stenosis associated with poorer functional outcomes in patients with acute ischaemic stroke undergoing endovascular therapyNgiam, Nicholas JH; Tan, Benjamin YQ; Sia, Ching-Hui ; Chan, Bernard PL; Anil, Gopinathan ; Cunli, Yang; Holmin, Staffan; Anderssen, Tommy; Poh, Kian-Keong ; Yeo, Leonard LL ; Sharma, Vijay K 
1722-Feb-2021Thrombectomy for Primary Distal Posterior Cerebral Artery Occlusion StrokeMeyer, Lukas; Stracke, Christian Paul; Jungi, Noël; Wallocha, Marta; Broocks, Gabriel; Sporns, Peter B; Maegerlein, Christian; Dorn, Franziska; Zimmermann, Hanna; Naziri, Weis; Abdullayev, Nuran; Kabbasch, Christoph; Behme, Daniel; Jamous, Ala; Maus, Volker; Fischer, Sebastian; Möhlenbruch, Markus; Weyland, Charlotte Sabine; Langner, Sönke; Meila, Dan; Miszczuk, Milena; Siebert, Eberhard; Lowens, Stephan; Krause, Lars Udo; Yeo, Leonard LL ; Tan, Benjamin Yong-Qiang; Anil, Gopinathan ; Gory, Benjamin; Galván, Jorge; Arteaga, Miguel Schüller; Navia, Pedro; Raz, Eytan; Shapiro, Maksim; Arnberg, Fabian; Zeleňák, Kamil; Martinez-Galdamez, Mario; Fischer, Urs; Kastrup, Andreas; Roth, Christian; Papanagiotou, Panagiotis; Kemmling, André; Gralla, Jan; Psychogios, Marios-Nikos; Andersson, Tommy; Chapot, Rene; Fiehler, Jens; Kaesmacher, Johannes; Hanning, Uta
182015Tumour pharmacodynamics and circulating cell free DNA in patients with refractory colorectal carcinoma treated with regorafenibWong A.L.A. ; Lim J.S.J. ; Sinha A. ; Gopinathan A. ; Lim R.; Tan C.-S. ; Soh T.; Venkatesh S.; Titin C.; Sapari N.S. ; Lee S.-C. ; Yong W.-P. ; Tan D.S.P. ; Pang B. ; Wang T.-T. ; Zee Y.-K.; Soong R. ; Trnkova Z.; Lathia C.; Thiery J.-P.; Wilhelm S.; Jeffers M.; Goh B.-C. 
192015Ultrasound-guided thyroid nodule biopsy: Outcomes and correlation with imaging featuresZhang, Junwei; Chen, Zhaojin; Anil, Gopinathan 
202016WEB in partially thrombosed intracranial aneurysms: A word of cautionAnil, G ; Goddard, A.J.P; Ross, S.M; Deniz, K; Patankar, T