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125-Mar-2020A common MET polymorphism harnesses HER2 signaling to drive aggressive squamous cell carcinomaKong, Li Ren ; Salleh, Nur Afiqah Binte Mohamed ; Ong, Richard Weijie; Tan, Tuan Zea ; Syn, Nicholas L; Goh, Robby Miguel; Fhu, Chee Wei ; Tan, Daniel SW ; Iyer, N Gopalakrishna ; Kannan, Srinivasaraghavan; Verma, Chandra S ; Lim, Yaw Chyn ; Soo, Ross ; Ho, Jingshan ; Huang, Yiqing; Lim, Joline SJ ; Yan, Benedict Junrong; Nga, Min En ; Lim, Seng Gee ; Koeffler, H Phillip ; Lee, Soo Chin ; Kappei, Dennis ; Hung, Huynh The ; Goh, Boon Cher 
22020Management of locally advanced synchronous colorectal and prostate cancers: A case reportTey, Y.Q.; Ravi, K.; Chong, C.S.; Chiong, E. ; Ho, J. ; Tey, J.C.S. ; Ho, F.
31-Jul-2015MEK Inhibition Overcomes Cisplatin Resistance Conferred by SOS/MAPK Pathway Activation in Squamous Cell CarcinomaKong, Li Ren ; Chua, Kian Ngiap ; Sim, Wen Jing ; Ng, Hsien Chun ; Bi, Chonglei; Ho, Jingshan ; Nga, Min En ; Pang, Yin Huei ; Ong, Weijie Richard; Soo, Ross Andrew ; Huynh, The Hung ; Chng, Wee Joo ; Thiery, Jean-Paul ; Goh, Boon Cher 
42018Study protocol: Phase 1 dose escalating study of pressurized intraperitoneal aerosol chemotherapy (PIPAC) with oxaliplatin in peritoneal metastasisKim, G.; Tan, H.L.; Chen, E.; Teo, S.C. ; Jang, C.J.M. ; Ho, J. ; Ang, Y.; Ngoi, N.Y.L. ; Chee, C.E.; Lieske, B.; Shabbir, A.; Wang, L.-Z.; So, J.B.Y. ; Yong, W.P.