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11-Mar-2022A phase 1 study of the safety, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of escalating doses followed by dose expansion of the selective inhibitor of nuclear export (SINE) selinexor in Asian patients with advanced or metastatic malignanciesHo, Jingshan ; Heong, Valerie; Yong, Wei Peng ; Soo, Ross ; Chee, Cheng Ean ; Wong, Andrea ; Sundar, Raghav; Thian, Yee Liang ; Gopinathan, Anil ; Pang, Mei Yan; Koe, Priscillia; Jeraj, Santhiay Nathan; Soe, Phyu Pyar; Soe, Mu Yar; Tang, Tiffany ; Ng, Matthew CH; Tai, David WM ; Tan, Tira JY ; Xu, Hongmei; Chang, Hua; Landesman, Yosef; Shah, Jatin ; Shacham, Sharon; Lee, Soo Chin ; Tan, Daniel SW ; Goh, Boon Cher ; Tan, David SP 
231-Dec-2010A system dynamics analysis determining willingness to wait and pay for the implementation of data standards in clinical researchCofiel, L.; Zammar, G.R.; Zaveri, A.J.; Shah, J.Y. ; Carvalho, E.; Nahm, M.; Kesselring, G.; Pietrobon, R.
3Dec-2010Achieving high research reporting quality through the use of computational ontologiesZaveri, A.; Cofiel, L.; Shah, J. ; Pradhan, S. ; Chan, E.; Dameron, O.; Pietrobon, R. ; Ang, B.T.
419-Feb-2010Application description and policy model in collaborative environment for sharing of information on epidemiological and clinical research data setsDe Carvalho, E.C.A.; Batilana, A.P.; Simkins, J.; Martins, H.; Shah, J. ; Rajgor, D.; Shah, A.; Rockart, S.; Pietrobon, R. 
52010Certificate course in outcomes researchRajgor, D.; Shah, J. ; Tay, S.K.; Ostbye, T.; Eisenstein, E.L.; Krishnan, R.; Pietrobon, R.
62010Clinical Reasoning in the Real World Is Mediated by Bounded Rationality: Implications for Diagnostic Clinical Practice GuidelinesBonilauri Ferreira, A.P.R.; Ferreira, R.F.; Rajgor, D.; Shah, J. ; Menezes, A.; Pietrobon, R. 
72010Computational ontologies in orthopaedic surgeryPietrobon, R.; Zaveri, A.; Cofiel, L.; Barros, J.; Shah, J. 
8Nov-2010Cost and outcomes after cold and mixed adenotonsillectomy in childrenFerreira, R.F.; Serapiao, C.J.; Ferreira, A.P.R.B.; Rajgor, D.; Shah, J. ; Possamai, D.S.; Pietrobon, R. 
9May-2012Do insurance and race represent independent predictors of undergoing total shoulder arthroplasty? A secondary data analysis of 3529 patientsVegini, J.B.; Steglich, V.; Bonilauri Ferreira, A.P.R.; Gandhi, M.; Shah, J. ; Pietrobon, R. 
102010Electronic data capture for registries and clinical trials in orthopaedic surgery: Open source versus commercial systemsShah, J. ; Rajgor, D.; Pradhan, S. ; McCready, M.; Zaveri, A.; Pietrobon, R.
112012Global research coaching in orthopedic surgery: Seeding for an international networkFerreira, A.P.B.; Rajgor, D.; Shah, J. ; Shah, A.; Pietrobon, R.
12Jul-2012Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in necrotising soft tissue infections: A study of patients in the United States Nationwide Inpatient SampleSoh, C.R.; Pietrobon, R. ; Freiberger, J.J.; Chew, S.T.; Rajgor, D.; Gandhi, M.; Shah, J. ; Moon, R.E.
13Jan-2010In replyShah, J. ; Rajgor, D.; Pietrobon, R. 
142011Patterns of herbal combination for the treatment of insomnia commonly employed by highly experienced Chinese medicine physiciansZhou, X.-Z.; Zhang, R.-S.; Jatin, S. ; Dimple, R.; Wang, Y.-H.; Ricardo, P. ; Liu, B.-Y.; Chen, J.; Zhu, J.-G.; Gao, R.-L.
1524-Feb-2010Qualitative analysis of the interdisciplinary interaction between data analysis specialists and novice clinical researchersZammar, G.R.; Shah, J. ; Ferreira, A.P.B.; Cofiel, L.; Lyles, K.W.; Pietrobon, R. 
16Apr-2009Scientific writing of novice researchers: What difficulties and encouragements do they encounter?Shah, J. ; Shah, A.; Pietrobon, R.
172010Selection mechanisms underlying high impact biomedical research - a qualitative analysis and causal modelZelko, H.; Zammar, G.R.; Bonilauri Ferreira, A.P.; Phadtare, A.; Shah, J. ; Pietrobon, R. 
18Oct-2011Short-term outcomes of lung transplant in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosisTeo, A.Tk.; Pietrobon, R. ; Atashili, J.; Rajgor, D.; Shah, J. ; Martins, H.
192010So different, yet so similar: Meta-analysis and policy modeling of willingness to participate in clinical trials among Brazilians and IndiansZammar, G.; Meister, H.; Shah, J. ; Phadtare, A.; Cofiel, L.; Pietrobon, R. 
202010Standardizing clinical trials workflow representation in UML for international site comparisonde Carvalho, E.C.A.; Jayanti, M.K.; Batilana, A.P.; Kozan, A.M.O.; Rodrigues, M.J.; Shah, J. ; Loures, M.R.; Patil, S.; Payne, P.; Pietrobon, R.