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Si Jing Joline Lim


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125-Mar-2020A common MET polymorphism harnesses HER2 signaling to drive aggressive squamous cell carcinomaKong, Li Ren ; Salleh, Nur Afiqah Binte Mohamed ; Ong, Richard Weijie; Tan, Tuan Zea ; Syn, Nicholas L; Goh, Robby Miguel; Fhu, Chee Wei ; Tan, Daniel SW ; Iyer, N Gopalakrishna ; Kannan, Srinivasaraghavan; Verma, Chandra S ; Lim, Yaw Chyn ; Soo, Ross ; Ho, Jingshan ; Huang, Yiqing; Lim, Joline SJ ; Yan, Benedict Junrong; Nga, Min En ; Lim, Seng Gee ; Koeffler, H Phillip ; Lee, Soo Chin ; Kappei, Dennis ; Hung, Huynh The ; Goh, Boon Cher 
215-Apr-2023A Phase I, First-in-Human Study of PRL3-zumab in Advanced, Refractory Solid Tumors and Hematological MalignanciesChee, Cheng E ; Ooi, Melissa ; Lee, Soo-Chin ; Sundar, Raghav ; Heong, Valerie; Yong, Wei-Peng ; Ng, Chin Hin ; Wong, Andrea; Lim, Joline SJ ; Tan, David SP ; Soo, Ross ; Tan, Joshua TC; Yang, Song; Thura, Min; Al-Aidaroos, Abdul Qader; Chng, Wee Joo ; Zeng, Qi ; Goh, Boon-Cher 
32020A randomized phase II trial evaluating the addition of low dose, short course sunitinib to docetaxel in advanced solid tumoursAng, Y.L.E.; Ho, G.F.; Soo, R.A. ; Sundar, R. ; Tan, S.H.; Yong, W.P. ; Ow, S.G.W. ; Lim, J.S.J. ; Chong, W.Q.; Soe, P.P.; Tai, B.C. ; Wang, L. ; Goh, B.C. ; Lee, S.-C. 
416-Feb-2023Clinical outcome and prognostic factors for Asian patients in Phase I clinical trialsLoh, Jerold; Wu, Jiaxuan; Chieng, Jenny; Chan, Aurora; Yong, Wei-Peng ; Sundar, Raghav ; Lee, Soo-Chin ; Wong, Andrea; Lim, Joline SJ ; Tan, David SP ; Soo, Ross ; Goh, Boon-Cher ; Tai, Bee-Choo ; Chee, Cheng E 
521-Sep-2023COVID-19 Severity and Waning Immunity After up to 4 mRNA Vaccine Doses in 73 608 Patients With Cancer and 621 475 Matched Controls in Singapore A Nationwide Cohort StudyTan, Wei Chong; Tan, Janice Yu Jin; Lim, Joline Si Jing ; Tan, Ryan Ying Cong ; Lee, Ainsley Ryan Yan Bin; Leong, Fun Loon; Lee, Soo Chin ; Chai, Louis Yi Ann ; Tan, Thuan Tong ; Malek, Muhammad Ismail Bin Abdul; Ong, Benjamin ; Lye, David Chien ; Chiew, Calvin J; Chng, Wee Joo ; Lim, Soon Thye ; Bharwani, Lavina D; Tan, Iain Beehuat; Sundar, Raghav ; Tan, Kelvin Bryan
62018Determinants of variability of five programmed death ligand-1 immunohistochemistry assays in non-small cell lung cancer samplesSoo, R.A ; Lim, J.S.Y ; Asuncion, B.R ; Fazreen, Z; Herrera, M.C; Omar, M.F.M; Phuong, N.H.D; Seet, J.E ; Amanuel, B; Iacopetta, B; Byrne, D; Hendry, S; Fox, S; Soong, R 
720-Dec-2021Immunohistochemistry study of tumor vascular normalization and anti-angiogenic effects of sunitinib versus bevacizumab prior to dose-dense doxorubicin/cyclophosphamide chemotherapy in HER2-negative breast cancerYadav, Kritika ; Lim, Joline ; Choo, Joan; Ow, Samuel Guan Wei ; Wong, Andrea; Lee, Matilda; Chan, Ching Wan ; Hartman, Mikael ; Lim, Siew Eng; Ngoi, Natalie; Tang, Siau Wei ; Ang, Yvonne; Chan, Gloria; Chong, Wan Qin; Tan, Hon Lyn; Tan, Sing Huang ; Goh, Boon Cher ; Lee, Soo Chin 
82017Limb hypothermia for preventing paclitaxel-induced peripheral neuropathy in breast cancer patients: A pilot studySundar, R ; Bandla, A ; Tan, S.S.H ; Liao, L.-D ; Kumarakulasinghe, N.B; Jeyasekharan, A.D ; Ow, S.G.W; Ho, J; Tan, D.S.P; Lim, J.S.J ; Vijayan, J; Therimadasamy, A.K; Hairom, Z; Ang, E; Ang, S; Thakor, N.V ; Lee, S.-C ; Wilder-Smith, E.P.V 
923-Feb-2022Phase Ib Dose-Finding Study of Varlitinib Combined with Weekly Paclitaxel With or Without Carboplatin +/- Trastuzumab in Advanced Solid TumorsLee, Matilda Xinwei; Wong, Andrea LA ; Ow, Samuel; Sundar, Raghav ; Tan, David SP ; Soo, Ross A ; Chee, Cheng Ean ; Lim, Joline SJ ; Yong, Wei Peng ; Lim, Siew Eng; Goh, Boon Cher ; Wang, Lingzhi ; Lee, Soo Chin 
101-Jun-2022Phase Ib/II Dose Expansion Study of Lenvatinib Combined with Letrozole in Postmenopausal Women with Hormone Receptor–Positive Breast CancerLim, JSJ ; Wong, ALA ; Ow, SGW ; Ngoi, NYL ; Chan, GHJ; Ang, YLE; Chong, WQ; Lim, SE ; Lim, YW; Lee, M; Choo, JRE; Tan, HL; Yong, WP ; Soo, RA ; Tan, DSP ; Chee, CE ; Sundar, R ; Yadav, K ; Jain, S ; Wang, L ; Tai, BC ; Goh, BC ; Lee, SC 
1114-Jun-2022Serial Tumor Molecular Profiling of Newly Diagnosed HER2-Negative Breast Cancers During Chemotherapy in Combination with Angiogenesis InhibitorsChoo, Joan RE; Jan, Yi-Hua; Ow, Samuel GW ; Wong, Andrea ; Lee, Matilda Xinwei; Ngoi, Natalie ; Yadav, Kritika ; Lim, Joline SJ ; Lim, Siew Eng ; Chan, Ching Wan ; Hartman, Mikael ; Tang, Siau Wei ; Goh, Boon Cher ; Tan, Hon Lyn; Chong, Wan Qin; Yvonne, Ang Li En; Chan, Gloria HJ; Chen, Shu-Jen; Tan, Kien Thiam; Lee, Soo Chin 
122015Tumour pharmacodynamics and circulating cell free DNA in patients with refractory colorectal carcinoma treated with regorafenibWong A.L.A. ; Lim J.S.J. ; Sinha A. ; Gopinathan A. ; Lim R.; Tan C.-S. ; Soh T.; Venkatesh S.; Titin C.; Sapari N.S. ; Lee S.-C. ; Yong W.-P. ; Tan D.S.P. ; Pang B. ; Wang T.-T. ; Zee Y.-K.; Soong R. ; Trnkova Z.; Lathia C.; Thiery J.-P.; Wilhelm S.; Jeffers M.; Goh B.-C. 
132017Understanding resistance mechanisms and expanding the therapeutic utility of PARP inhibitorsLim, J.S.J ; Tan, D.S.P