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11-Jan-2016Accelerated partial breast irradiation in an Asian population: dosimetric findings and preliminary results of a multicatheter interstitial programKoh, Yaling Vicky ; Tan, Poh Wee; Buhari, Shaik Ahmad; Iau, Philip; Chan, Ching Wan ; Shen, Liang ; Tan, Sing Huang ; Tang, Johann I-Hsiung
22016High expression of intratumoral stromal proteins is associated with chemotherapy resistance in breast cancerWang, T ; Srivastava, S ; Hartman, M ; Buhari, S.A ; Chan, C.-W ; Iau, P; Khin, L.W ; Wong, A ; Tan, S.-H ; Goh, B.-C ; Lee, S.-C 
320-Dec-2021Immunohistochemistry study of tumor vascular normalization and anti-angiogenic effects of sunitinib versus bevacizumab prior to dose-dense doxorubicin/cyclophosphamide chemotherapy in HER2-negative breast cancerYadav, Kritika ; Lim, Joline ; Choo, Joan; Ow, Samuel Guan Wei ; Wong, Andrea; Lee, Matilda; Chan, Ching Wan ; Hartman, Mikael ; Lim, Siew Eng; Ngoi, Natalie; Tang, Siau Wei ; Ang, Yvonne; Chan, Gloria; Chong, Wan Qin; Tan, Hon Lyn; Tan, Sing Huang ; Goh, Boon Cher ; Lee, Soo Chin 
42016Pharmacogenetics-Guided Phase i Study of Capecitabine on an Intermittent Schedule in Patients with Advanced or Metastatic Solid TumoursSoo, R.A ; Syn, N; Lee, S.-C; Wang, L; Lim, X.-Y; Loh, M; Tan, S.-H ; Zee, Y.-K; Wong, A.L.-A ; Chuah, B; Chan, D; Lim, S.-E; Goh, B.-C ; Soong, R ; Yong, W.-P 
52016Phase Ib/II randomized, open-label study of doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide with or without low-dose, short-course sunitinib in the pre-operative treatment of breast cancerWong A.L.A. ; Sundar R.; Wang T.-T. ; Ng T.-C. ; Zhang B. ; Tan S.-H. ; Soh T.I.P.; Pang A.S.L.; Tan C.-S.; Ow S.G.W.; Wang L. ; Mogro J.; Ho J.; Jeyasekharan A.D. ; Huang Y.; Thng C.-H. ; Chan C.-W. ; Hartman M. ; Iau P.; Buhari S.A. ; Goh B.-C. ; Lee S.-C.