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15-Jan-2022A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of the Effectiveness of Neuroprotectants for Paclitaxel-Induced Peripheral NeuropathyLeen, AJ; Yap, DWT; Teo, CB; Tan, BKJ; Molassiotis, A; Ishiguro, H; Fan, SWX ; Sundar, R ; Soon, YY; Bandla, A 
22019Are we mis-estimating chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy? Analysis of assessment methodologies from a prospective, multinational, longitudinal cohort study of patients receiving neurotoxic chemotherapyMolassiotis, A; Cheng, H.L; Lopez, V ; Au, J.S.K; Chan, A ; Bandla, A ; Leung, K.T; Li, Y.C; Wong, K.H; Suen, L.K.P; Chan, C.W; Yorke, J; Farrell, C; Sundar, R
319-Oct-2016Biocompatible Red Fluorescent Organic Nanoparticles with Tunable Size and Aggregation-Induced Emission for Evaluation of Blood-Brain Barrier DamageCAI XIAOLEI ; Aishwarya Bandla ; MAO DUO ; FENG GUANGXUE ; Qin, Wei; LIAO LUN-DE ; Thakor, Nitish; Tang, Ben Zhong; LIU BIN 
41-Dec-2022Distinct spatio-temporal and spectral brain patterns for different thermal stimuli perceptionTayeb, Z; Dragomir, A ; Lee, JH; Abbasi, NI ; Dean, E; Bandla, A ; Bose, R; Sundar, R ; Bezerianos, A ; Thakor, NV; Cheng, G
51-Feb-2019Identifying glioblastoma margins using dual-targeted organic nanoparticles for efficient in vivo fluorescence image-guided photothermal therapyCAI XIAOLEI ; Aishwarya Bandla ; CHAN KIM CHUAN ; GAYATHIRI MAGARAJAH ; LIAO LUN-DE ; Teh, Daniel Boon Loong; Kennedy, Brian K; Thakor, Nitish V; LIU BIN 
62017Limb hypothermia for preventing paclitaxel-induced peripheral neuropathy in breast cancer patients: A pilot studySundar, R ; Bandla, A ; Tan, S.S.H ; Liao, L.-D ; Kumarakulasinghe, N.B; Jeyasekharan, A.D ; Ow, S.G.W; Ho, J; Tan, D.S.P; Lim, J.S.J ; Vijayan, J; Therimadasamy, A.K; Hairom, Z; Ang, E; Ang, S; Thakor, N.V ; Lee, S.-C ; Wilder-Smith, E.P.V 
72020Megavoltage radiosensitization of gold nanoparticles on a glioblastoma cancer cell line using a clinical platformKazmi, F.; Vallis, K.A.; Vellayappan, B.A.; Bandla, A. ; Yukun, D. ; Carlisle, R.
827-Mar-2018Molecular Engineering of Photoacoustic Performance by Chalcogenide Variation in Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles for Brain Vascular ImagingLiu, Jie ; Cai, Xiaolei ; Pan, Han-Chi; Bandla, Aishwarya ; Chuan, Chan Kim ; Wang, Shaowei ; Thakor, Nitish ; Liao, Lun-De ; Liu, Bin 
9Feb-2022Photothermal‐Activatable Liposome Carrying Tissue Plasminogen Activator for Photoacoustic Image‐Guided Ischemic Stroke TreatmentCai, Xiaolei ; Bandla, Aishwarya ; Wang, Can ; Liu, Yu-Hang ; Chuan, Chan Kim ; Xu, Yu; Liu, Xingang ; Xu, Shidang ; Wu, Wenbo ; Thakor, Nitish V ; Liu, Bin 
103-Feb-2022Prevention of Oxaliplatin-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisPeng, S; Ying, AF; Chan, NJH; Sundar, R ; Soon, YY; Bandla, A 
112015Rescue of cortical neurovascular functions during the hyperacute phase of ischemia by peripheral sensory stimulationLiao L.-D. ; LIU YU-HANG ; Lai H.-Y.; Bandla A. ; Shih Y.Y.I.; Chen Y.-Y.; Thakor N.V. 
122015Sensory stimulation-induced neuroprotection in hyperacute phase of ischemic stroke - a multimodal imaging studyLiao L.-D; Liu Y.-H ; Bandla A ; Ling J.M; Lai H.-Y; Chen Y.-Y; Thakor N.V.
132015Therapeutic time window for rt-PA thrombolysis in a rat photothrombotic ischemic stroke modelBandla A ; Ling J.M; Liu Y.-H ; Lai H.-Y; Chen Y.-Y; Thakor N.V ; Liao L.-D.