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Liu Yu-Hang
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Liu Y.-H.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018A handheld real-time photoacoustic imaging system for animal neurological disease models: From simulation to realizationLiu, Y.-H ; Xu, Y; Liao, L.-D ; Chan, K.C ; Thakor, N.V 
22013Imaging of temperature dependent hemodynamics in the rat sciatic nerve by functional photoacoustic microscopyLiao L.-D. ; Orellana J. ; Liu Y.-H. ; Lin Y.-R.; Vipin A. ; Thakor N.V. ; Shen K. ; Wilder-Smith E. 
312-Oct-2020Organic nanoparticle-doped microdroplets as dual-modality contrast agents for ultrasound microvascular flow and photoacoustic imagingYu Xu; Guoyun Sun; Eshu Middha; Yu Hang Liu ; Kim Chuan Chan ; Bin Liu; Chia Hung Chen ; NitishV.Thakor 
4Feb-2022Photothermal‐Activatable Liposome Carrying Tissue Plasminogen Activator for Photoacoustic Image‐Guided Ischemic Stroke TreatmentCai, Xiaolei ; Bandla, Aishwarya ; Wang, Can ; Liu, Yu-Hang ; Chuan, Chan Kim ; Xu, Yu; Liu, Xingang ; Xu, Shidang ; Wu, Wenbo ; Thakor, Nitish V ; Liu, Bin 
52015Rescue of cortical neurovascular functions during the hyperacute phase of ischemia by peripheral sensory stimulationLiao L.-D. ; LIU YU-HANG ; Lai H.-Y.; Bandla A. ; Shih Y.Y.I.; Chen Y.-Y.; Thakor N.V. 
62015Sensory stimulation-induced neuroprotection in hyperacute phase of ischemic stroke � a multimodal imaging studyLiao L.-D; Liu Y.-H ; Bandla A ; Ling J.M; Lai H.-Y; Chen Y.-Y; Thakor N.V.
72015Therapeutic time window for rt-PA thrombolysis in a rat photothrombotic ischemic stroke modelBandla A ; Ling J.M; Liu Y.-H ; Lai H.-Y; Chen Y.-Y; Thakor N.V ; Liao L.-D.