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Chen Chia Hung
Chen, Chia-Hung
Chen Chia Hung
Chen, Chia Hung
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015A convection-driven long-range linear gradient generator with dynamic controlWang Hao ; Chen Chia Hung ; Xiang Zhuo Lin ; Wang Ming; Lee Cheng Kuo 
22017A miniature on-chip methane sensor based on an ultra-low loss waveguide and a micro-ring resonator filterQiao, Y ; Tao, J; Chen, C.-H ; Qiu, J; Tian, Y; Hong, X; Wu, J
32015A one-step hydrothermal route to programmable stimuli-responsive hydrogelsLuo, Rongcong ; Chen, Chia-Hung 
42017Heterogeneous multi-compartmental hydrogel particles as synthetic cells for incompatible tandem reactionsTan, H ; Guo, S ; Dinh, N.-D; Luo, R ; Jin, L ; Chen, C.-H 
52015Jetting microfluidics with size-sorting capability for single-cell protease detectionJing, Tengyang; Ramji, Ramesh ; Ebrahimi Warkiani, Majid; Han, Jongyoon; Lim, Chwee Teck ; Chen, Chia Hung 
62015Low-volume multiplexed proteolytic activity assay and inhibitor analysis through a pico-injector arrayNg Ee Xien; Miller Miles A.; Jing Teng Yang; Lauffenburger Doug A.; Chen Chia Hung 
72018Nanofluidic terahertz metasensor for sensing in aqueous environmentShih, Kailing ; Pitchappa, Prakash ; Jin, Lin ; Chen, Chia-Hung ; Singh, Ranjan; Lee, Chengkuo 
812-Oct-2020Organic nanoparticle-doped microdroplets as dual-modality contrast agents for ultrasound microvascular flow and photoacoustic imagingYu Xu; Guoyun Sun; Eshu Middha; Yu Hang Liu ; Kim Chuan Chan ; Bin Liu; Chia Hung Chen ; NitishV.Thakor 
92018Polymerization-Induced Phase Separation Formation of Structured Hydrogel Particles via Microfluidics for Scar TherapeuticsGuo, S ; Kang, G; Phan, D.T ; Hsu, M.N ; Por, Y.C ; Chen, C.H 
102014Single cell kinase signaling assay using pinched flow coupled droplet microfluidicsRamji, R ; Wang, M ; Bhagat, A.A.S ; Weng, D.T.S; Thakor, N.V ; Lim, C.T ; Chen, C.-H