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Thakor,Nitish Vyomesh
Thakor N.V
Thakor, N.
Thakor Nitis
Thakor N
Thakor, N.V.
Thakor, Nitish
Thakor, Nitish Vyomesh
Thakor N.V.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013A 24 Vpp compliant biphasic stimulator for inductively powered animal behavior studiesNag, S. ; Sharma, D.; Thakor, N.V. 
22007A brain-computer interface with vibrotactile biofeedback for haptic informationChatterjee A.; Aggarwal V.; Ramos A.; Acharya S.; Thakor N.V. 
32018A handheld real-time photoacoustic imaging system for animal neurological disease models: From simulation to realizationLiu, Y.-H ; Xu, Y; Liao, L.-D ; Chan, K.C ; Thakor, N.V 
42017A saccade based framework for real-time motion segmentation using event based vision sensorsMishra, A ; Ghosh, R ; Principe, J.C; Thakor, N.V ; Kukreja, S.L 
52013A simple and effective semi-invasive method for inducing local hypothermia in rat spinal cordBazley, F.A. ; Pashai, N.; Kerr, C.; Thakor, N. ; All, A.H.
62013A spiking neural network architecture for visual motion estimationOrchard, G. ; Benosman, R.; Etienne-Cummings, R.; Thakor, N.V. 
7Jan-2013A training strategy for learning pattern recognition control for myoelectric prosthesesPowell, M.A.; Thakor, N.V. 
830-Jul-2014A two-compartment organotypic model of mammalian peripheral nerve repairSiddique, R.; Vyas, A.; Thakor, N. ; Brushart, T.M.
9Jun-2012Axon myelination and electrical stimulation in a microfluidic, compartmentalized cell culture platformYang, I.H. ; Gary, D.; Malone, M.; Dria, S.; Houdayer, T.; Belegu, V.; McDonald, J.W.; Thakor, N. 
102015Biocompatible Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles for Efficient Photothermal Tumor TherapyGENG JUNLONG ; Sun, Chunyang; Liu J., Liao, Lun-De ; Yuan, Youyong ; Thakor, Nitish Vyomesh ; Liu, Bin
111-Jan-2020Biomimetic Nanocomposites Cloaked with Bioorthogonally Labeled Glioblastoma Cell Membrane for Targeted Multimodal Imaging of Brain TumorsDuan, Y ; Wu, M ; Hu, D; Pan, Y ; Hu, F ; Liu, X ; Thakor, N ; Ng, WH ; Liu, X ; Sheng, Z; Zheng, H; Liu, B 
122015Brain enhancement through cognitive training: A new insight from brain connectomeTaya F ; Sun Y ; Babiioni F; Thakor N ; Bezerianos A 
132013Classification of gait phases from lower limb EMG: Application to exoskeleton orthosisJoshi, C.D.; Lahiri, U.; Thakor, N.V. 
142014Coarse electrocorticographic decoding of ipsilateral reach in patients with brain lesionsHotson G.; Fifer M.S.; Acharya S.; Benz H.L.; Anderson W.S.; Thakor N.V. ; Crone N.E.
152015Cognitive Workload Assessment Based on the Tensorial Treatment of EEG Estimates of Cross-Frequency Phase InteractionsDimitriadis, Stavros I.; Sun, Yu ; Kwok, Fook Kay Kenneth ; Laskaris, Nikolaos A.; Thakor, Nitish Vyomesh ; Bezerianos, Anastasios 
162015Cognitive workload estimation due to vague visual stimuli using saccadic eye movementsBodala, I. P.; Ke, Yu; Mir, H.; Thakor, Nitish Vyomesh ; Al-Nashash, H.
172015Cognitive workload modulation through degraded visual stimuli: A single-trial EEG studyYu, K; Prasad, I ; Mir, H; Thakor, N ; Al-Nashash, H
182016Comparison method for community detection on brain networks from neuroimaging dataTaya F. ; de Souza J. ; Thakor N.V. ; Bezerianos A. 
192015Correlation between muscular and nerve signals responsible for hand grasping in non-human primatesSheshadri, S.; Kortelainen, J.; Nag, S.; Ng, Kian Ann ; Bazley, F. A.; MIchoud, F.; Patil, Anoop; Orellana, J.; Lebedinsky, C.; Lahiri, Amitabha; Chan, L.; Chng, K.; Cutrone, A.; Bossi, S.; Thakor, Nitish Vyomesh ; Delgado-Martinez, I.; Yen, Shih-Cheng 
2023-Jul-2019Cortical Functional Connectivity During Praxis in Autism Spectrum DisorderBezerianos Anastasios ; Harvy, Jonathan ; Joshua, Ewen; Junhua, Li ; Thakor, Nitish