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Bezerianos Anastasios
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Bezerianos, Anastasios
Bezerianos, Anastasios G.
Bezerianos A
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12017A new perspective for the training assessment: Machine learning-based neurometric for augmented user's evaluationBorghini, G; Aricò, P; Di Flumeri, G; Sciaraffa, N; Colosimo, A; Herrero, M.-T; Bezerianos, A ; Thakor, N.V ; Babiloni, F
22020An Approach of One-vs-Rest Filter Bank Common Spatial Pattern and Spiking Neural Networks for Multiple Motor Imagery DecodingWang, H.; Tang, C.; Xu, T.; Li, T.; Xu, L.; Yue, H.; Chen, P.; Li, J.; Bezerianos, A. 
32008An in silico method for detecting overlapping functional modules from composite biological networksMaraziotis, I.A; Dimitrakopoulou, K; Bezerianos, A 
4Feb-2014Analysis of the modulated acoustic radiation-Force profile for a dual-Beam confocal geometryGiannoula, A.; Bezerianos, A. 
52015Brain enhancement through cognitive training: A new insight from brain connectomeTaya F ; Sun Y ; Babiioni F; Thakor N ; Bezerianos A 
62017Brain interaction during cooperation: Evaluating local properties of multiple-brain networkSciaraffa, N; Borghini, G; Aricò, P; Di Flumeri, G; Colosimo, A; Bezerianos, A ; Thakor, N.V ; Babiloni, F
72016Causal interactions between frontalθ - parieto-occipitalα2 predict performance on a mental arithmetic taskDimitriadis, S.I; Sun, Y ; Thakor, N.V ; Bezerianos, A 
825-Jul-2019Cognitive Assessment for Trust-Based Human-Machine Collaborative Systems: A Multimodal PerspectiveBezerianos Anastasios ; Dragomir, Andrei 
92015Cognitive Workload Assessment Based on the Tensorial Treatment of EEG Estimates of Cross-Frequency Phase InteractionsDimitriadis, Stavros I.; Sun, Yu ; Kwok, Fook Kay Kenneth ; Laskaris, Nikolaos A.; Thakor, Nitish Vyomesh ; Bezerianos, Anastasios 
102016Comparison method for community detection on brain networks from neuroimaging dataTaya F. ; de Souza J. ; Thakor N.V. ; Bezerianos A. 
1123-Jul-2019Cortical Functional Connectivity During Praxis in Autism Spectrum DisorderBezerianos Anastasios ; Harvy, Jonathan ; Joshua, Ewen; Junhua, Li ; Thakor, Nitish 
127-May-2014Disrupted functional brain connectivity and its association to structural connectivity in amnestic mild cognitive impairment and alzheimer's diseaseSun, Y. ; Yin, Q.; Fang, R.; Yan, X.; Wang, Y.; Bezerianos, A. ; Tang, H.; Miao, F.; Sun, J.
131-Dec-2022Distinct spatio-temporal and spectral brain patterns for different thermal stimuli perceptionTayeb, Z; Dragomir, A ; Lee, JH; Abbasi, NI ; Dean, E; Bandla, A ; Bose, R; Sundar, R ; Bezerianos, A ; Thakor, NV; Cheng, G
142019Driving Fatigue Classification Based on Fusion Entropy Analysis Combining EOG and EEGWang, H. ; Wu, C.; Li, T.; He, Y.; Chen, P.; Bezerianos, A. 
152011Dynamic gene network reconstruction from gene expression data in mice after influenza A (H1N1) infectionDimitrakopoulou, K; Tsimpouris, C; Papadopoulos, G; Pommerenke, C; Wilk, E; Sgarbas, K.N; Schughart, K; Bezerianos, A 
162017Eeg cortical connectivity analysis of working memory reveals topological reorganization in theta and alpha bandsDai Z. ; De Souza J. ; Lim J. ; Ho P.M. ; Chen Y. ; Li J. ; Thakor N. ; Bezerianos A. ; Sun Y. 
172014Effective connectivity patterns associated with P300 Unmask differences in the level of attention/cognition between normal and disabled subjectsDimitriadis, S.I.; Sun, Y. ; Laskaris, N.A.; Thakor, N. ; Bezerianos, A. 
182019Emotion Recognition and Dynamic Functional Connectivity Analysis Based on EEGLiu, X.; Li, T.; Tang, C.; Xu, T.; Chen, P.; Bezerianos, A. ; Wang, H. 
19Feb-2013Estimating the local viscoelastic properties from dispersive shear waves using time-frequency ridge analysisGiannoula, A.; Cobbold, R.S.C.; Bezerianos, A. 
202007Growing functional modules from a seed protein via integration of protein interaction and gene expression dataMaraziotis, I.A; Dimitrakopoulou, K; Bezerianos, A