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12020A single-arm phase II study of olaparib maintenance with pembrolizumab and bevacizumab in BRCA non-mutated patients with platinum-sensitive recurrent ovarian cancer (OPEB-01)Lee, Yong Jae; Lim, Myong Cheol; Kim, Byoung-Gie; Ngoi, Natalie YL ; Choi, Chel Hun; Park, Sang-Yoon; Tan, David SP ; Go, Yunjung; Lee, Jung-Yun
21-Dec-2019Analysis of gene expression signatures identifies prognostic and functionally distinct ovarian clear cell carcinoma subtypesTan, Tuan Zea ; Ye, Jieru ; Yee, Chung Vin ; Lim, Diana; Ngoi, Natalie Yan Li ; Tan, David Shao Peng; Huang, Ruby Yun-Ju 
3Jun-2021Development of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase inhibitor and immunotherapy combinations: progress, pitfalls, and promisesPham, Melissa M; Ngoi, Natalie YL ; Peng, Guang; Tan, David SP ; Yap, Timothy A 
41-Aug-2020Exploiting replicative stress in gynecological cancers as a therapeutic strategyNgoi, Natalie YL ; Sundararajan, Vignesh; Tan, David SP
529-Jun-2021PD-L1 Expressing Recurrent Clear Cell Carcinoma of the Vulva with Durable Partial Response to Pembrolizumab: A Case ReportSachdeva, Manavi; Ngoi, Natalie YL ; Lim, Diana ; Poon, Michelle LM ; Thian, Yee Liang ; Lim, Yi Wan; Lim, Siew Eng ; Tong, Pearl ; Lum, Jeffrey HY ; Ng, Joseph ; Ilancheran, Arunachalam ; Domingo, Efren J; Low, Jeffrey JH ; Tan, David SP 
62018Study protocol: Phase 1 dose escalating study of pressurized intraperitoneal aerosol chemotherapy (PIPAC) with oxaliplatin in peritoneal metastasisKim, G.; Tan, H.L.; Chen, E.; Teo, S.C. ; Jang, C.J.M. ; Ho, J. ; Ang, Y.; Ngoi, N.Y.L. ; Chee, C.E.; Lieske, B.; Shabbir, A.; Wang, L.-Z.; So, J.B.Y. ; Yong, W.P. 
7Jun-2021Targeting the replication stress response through synthetic lethal strategies in cancer medicineNgoi, Natalie YL ; Pham, Melissa M; Tan, David SP ; Yap, Timothy A 
81-Mar-2019The 4th European Society for Medical Oncology Asia Congress: bridging ultimate cancer care with real-world practice for the Asian practitioner in gynecological cancersNgoi, Natalie YL ; Tan, David SP
9Aug-2021The Role of Molecular Tests for Adjuvant and Post-Surgical Treatment in Gynaecological CancersWijaya, Silvana Talisa; Ngoi, Natalie YL ; Tan, David SP
101-Mar-2017Update on immune checkpoint inhibitors in gynecological cancersHeong, Valerie; Ngoi, Natalie ; Tan, David Shao Peng