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Kumar Satyanarayan Naresh
Kumar, S.
Kumar, N.S.
Kumar, N.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009A combined crystallographic and molecular dynamics study of cathepsin L retrobinding inhibitorsShenoy, R.T.; Kumar, S. ; Joseph, L.; Sivaraman, J. ; Chowdhury, S.F.; Purisima, E.O.
22-Jan-2021A novel hospital capacity versus clinical justification triage score (CCTS) for prioritization of spinal surgeries in the "new normal state" of the COVID-19 pandemicLiu, Gabriel; Tan, Jun-Hao ; Hey, Hwee Weng Dennis ; Lau, Leok Lim ; Thambiah, Joseph ; Kumar, Naresh ; Tan, Jonathan; Ruiz, John; Nga, Vincent; Lwin, Sein; Teo, Kejia ; Ning, Chou; Agrawal, Rohit Vijay ; NG, Bryan; Wong, Weng Hoa ; Yeo, Tseng Tsai; Wong, Hee-Kit 
32013A silent acute abdomen in a patient with spinal cord injuryMalhotra, R.; Ee, G.; Pang, S.Y.; Kumar, N. 
42013Acute cord compression secondary to spinal relapse of testicular seminomasNg, Y.H.; Ho, H.S.S.; Kumar, N.S. 
52014Can There be a Place for Intraoperative Salvaged Blood in Spine Tumor Surgery?Kumar, N. ; Ahmed, Q.; Lee, V.K.M. ; Chen, Y.; Zaw, A.S.; Goy, R. ; Agrawal, R.V.; Dhewar, A.N.; Wong, H.K. 
61-Jun-2022Current trends and future scope in 3D printing for surgical management of spine pathologiesKumar, N ; Alathur Ramakrishnan, S ; Lopez, KG ; Chin, BZ; Devyapriya, S; Kumar, L; Baskar, S; Vellayappan, BA ; Fuh, JYH ; Anantharajan, SK
74-May-2022Deep Learning Model for Classifying Metastatic Epidural Spinal Cord Compression on MRIHallinan, James Thomas Patrick Decourcy ; Zhu, Lei ; Zhang, Wenqiao ; Lim, Desmond Shi Wei; Baskar, Sangeetha; Low, Xi Zhen; Yeong, Kuan Yuen ; Teo, Ee Chin; Kumarakulasinghe, Nesaretnam Barr; Yap, Qai Ven ; Chan, Yiong Huak ; Lin, Shuxun; Tan, Jiong Hao; Kumar, Naresh ; Vellayappan, Balamurugan A ; Ooi, Beng Chin; Quek, Swee Tian ; Makmur, Andrew
81-Jul-2022Deep Learning Model for Grading Metastatic Epidural Spinal Cord Compression on Staging CTHallinan, JTPD ; Zhu, L; Zhang, W ; Kuah, T; Lim, DSW; Low, XZ; Cheng, AJL; Eide, SE; Ong, HY; Nor, FEM; Alsooreti, AM; Almuhaish, MI; Yeong, KY ; Teo, EC; Kumarakulasinghe, NB; Yap, QV ; Chan, YH ; Lin, S; Tan, JH; Kumar, N ; Vellayappan, BA ; Ooi, BC ; Quek, ST ; Makmur, A
9Dec-2013Discogenic axial back pain: Is there a role for nucleoplasty?Kumar, N.S. ; Shah, S.M.; Tan, B.W.L.; Juned, S.; Yao, K.
10Mar-2013DiscographyKumar, N. ; Shah, S.M.; Tan, P.K.
11Mar-2013Fluoroscopy-guided periradicular injections in spineKumar, N. ; Tan, B.W.L.
12Jan-2013High-resolution sonography detects extraforaminal nerve pathology in patients initially diagnosed with cervical disc disease: A case seriesChen, Y.; Kumar, N. ; Lim, J.W.W.; Smith, E.W. 
1324-Mar-2017Preoperative Embolization in Spinal Tumour SurgeryNaresh, kumar ; Aye Sandar Zaw; Gopinathan, Anil ; Barry Tan
14Mar-2013Sacroiliac joint injectionsKumar, N. ; Tan, B.W.L.
15Dec-2012Spontaneous spinal epidural haematoma after antiplatelet treatment: a report of two cases.Wang, L.; Liu, G. ; Subramaniam, S.; Wong, T.A.; Kumar, N. 
161-Jul-2022State-of-the-Art Imaging Techniques in Metastatic Spinal Cord CompressionKuah, T; Vellayappan, BA ; Makmur, A; Nair, S; Song, J; Tan, JH; Kumar, N ; Quek, ST ; Hallinan, JTPD 
17Jan-2014Use of intraoperative cell-salvage for autologous blood transfusions in metastatic spine tumour surgery: A systematic reviewKumar, N. ; Chen, Y.; Zaw, A.S.; Nayak, D.; Ahmed, Q.; Soong, R.; Wong, H.K. 
18Jun-2012What is the role of autologous blood transfusion in major spine surgery?Kumar, N. ; Chen, Y.; Nath, C.; Liu, E.H.