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Lim Wee Shiong
Lim, W.S.
Lim Wee Shiong


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12017Characterisation of physical frailty and associated physical and functional impairments in mild cognitive impairmentNyunt, M.S.Z ; Soh, C.Y ; Gao, Q ; Gwee, X ; Ling, A.S.L; Lim, W.S ; Lee, T.S ; Yap, P.L.K; Yap, K.B ; Ng, T.P 
22018Editorial: Dementia, frailty and agingLim, W.-S ; Canevelli, M; Cesari, M
32015Effect of a new longitudinal interprofessional geriatric medicine educational track on knowledge and attitude of medical students: A controlled cohort studyKoh Choon Huat Gerald ; Ling Carolyn L.H.; Ma Bosco H.M.; Chen Cythia; Lim Wee Shiong ; Scherer Samuel C.; Zubair Amin ; Merchant Reshma A.
42017Forging a frailty-ready healthcare system to meet population ageingLim, W.S ; Wong, S.F ; Leong, I; Choo, P; Pang, W.S
516-Jan-2019Interprofessional bedside rounds: Nurse-physician collaboration and perceived barriers in an Asian hospitalBi Hui Chew; Charmaine Jinxiu Tang; Wee Shiong Lim ; Joyce Kwee Yong Yap; Wentao Zhou ; Sok Ying Liaw 
62013Metabolic syndrome and amnestic mild cognitive impairment: Singapore longitudinal ageing study-2 findingsFeng, L. ; Chong, M.S.; Lim, W.S. ; Lee, T.S. ; Collinson, S.L. ; Yap, P. ; Ng, T.P. 
72018Mild Cognitive Impairment Reversion and Progression: Rates and Predictors in Community-Living Older Persons in the Singapore Longitudinal Ageing Studies CohortGao Q. ; Gwee X. ; Feng L. ; Nyunt M.S.Z. ; Feng L. ; Collinson S.L. ; Chong M.S.; Lim W.S. ; Lee T.-S. ; Yap P. ; Yap K.B. ; Ng T.P. 
82018Worry about caregiving performance: A confirmatory factor analysisLi, R; Chong, M.S; Mark Chan, P.C; Laura Tay, B.G; Ali, N.B; Lim, W.S