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Li Lian Wong
(not current staff)
Wong, L.L.
Wong, L.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jul-2013Are first-year healthcare undergraduates at an Asian university ready for interprofessional education?Ahmad, M.I.; Chan, S.W.-C.; Wong, L.L. ; Tan, M.L. ; Liaw, S.Y.
2May-2013Building a successful platform for interprofessional education for health professions in an Asian universityJacobs, J.L.; Samarasekera, D.D.; Chui, W.K. ; Chan, S.Y. ; Wong, L.L. ; Liaw, S.Y.; Tan, M.L. ; Chan, S.
31-Oct-2019Design and evaluation of a 3D virtual environment for collaborative learning in interprofessional team care deliveryLiaw, Sok Ying ; Soh, Shawn Leng-Hsien; Tan, Khoon Kiat; Wu, Ling Ting; Yap, John; Chow, Yeow Leng; Lau, Tang Ching ; Lim, Wee Shiong ; Tan, Seng Chee; Choo, Hyekyung ; Wong, Li Lian ; Lim, Sok Mui; Ignacio, Jeanette ; Wong, Lai Fun
42019Finding the right blend of technologically enhanced learning environments: Randomized controlled study of the effect of instructional sequences on interprofessional learningLiaw, S.Y. ; Tan, K.K.; Wu, L.T. ; Tan, S.C.; Choo, H. ; Yap, J.; Lim, S.M.; Wong, L. ; Ignacio, J. 
59-Oct-2013Health literacy and its association with disease knowledge and control in patients with hypertension in SingaporeKo, Y. ; Balasubramanian, T.D.; Wong, L. ; Tan, M.-L. ; Lee, E.; Tang, W.-E.; Chan, S.C.; Tan, A.S.L.; Toh, M.P.H.S.
61-Oct-2021Quality evaluation of stress, anxiety and depression apps for COVID-19Li, Lauren Su En; Wong, Li Lian ; Yap, Kevin Yi-Lwern