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Su-Mei Angela Koh


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11-Mar-2019Age-related changes in four-dimensional CMR-derived atrioventricular junction velocities and displacements: Implications for the identification of altered annular dynamics for ventricular function assessmentLeng, S ; Zhao, X ; Koh, AS ; Zhao, L; Allen, JC ; Tan, RS ; Ma, X; Zhong, L 
22018Association of "elevated blood pressure" and "stage 1 hypertension" with cardiovascular mortality among an Asian populationTalaei, M; Hosseini, N ; Koh, A.S ; Yuan, J.-M; Koh, W.-P 
320-Sep-2021Cardiovascular aging and physical activity: Insights from metabolomicsLim, Ryan Mao Heng; Koh, Angela S. S. 
42018Dissecting Clinical and Metabolomics Associations of Left Atrial Phasic Function by Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Feature TrackingKoh A.S. ; Gao F. ; Leng S.; Kovalik J.-P. ; Zhao X.; Tan R.S. ; Fridianto K.T. ; Ching J. ; Chua S.J.M.; Yuan J.-M. ; Koh W.-P.; Zhong L. 
515-Jun-2021Exacerbation of cardiovascular ageing by diabetes mellitus and its associations with acyl-carnitinesGao, Fei ; Kovalik, Jean-Paul ; Zhao, Xiaodan; Chow, Vivian JM; Chew, Hannah; Teo, Louis LY; Tan, Ru San ; Leng, Shuang ; Ewe, See Hooi ; Tan, Hong Chang ; Tan, Tsze Yin ; Lee, Lye Siang ; Ching, Jianhong ; Keng, Bryan MH; Zhong, Liang ; Koh, Woon-Puay ; Koh, Angela S 
617-Jan-2023High-throughput telomere length measurement at nucleotide resolution using the PacBio high fidelity sequencing platformTham, Cheng-Yong; Poon, LaiFong ; Yan, TingDong; Koh, Javier Yu Peng ; Ramlee, Muhammad Khairul ; Teoh, Vania Swee Imm ; Zhang, Suihan; Cai, Yi ; Hong, Zebin; Lee, Gina SS ; Liu, Jin ; Song, Hai Wei; Hwang, William Ying Khee ; Teh, Bin Tean ; Tan, Patrick ; Xu, Lifeng; Koh, Angela S ; Osato, Motomi ; Li, Shang 
722-Mar-2022Left Atrial Phasic Function in Older Adults Is Associated with Fibrotic and Low-Grade Inflammatory PathwaysKoh A.S. ; Siau A.; Gao F. ; Chioh F.W.J.; Leng S. ; Zhao X.; Zhong L. ; Tan R.S. ; Koh P.L. ; Kovalik J.-P. ; Lim W.S. ; Lee G.S. ; Koh W.-P. ; Cheung C. 
81-Jan-2023Lessons from the Singapore cohorts showcase symposium—open call for collaborationsBendt, AK ; Mir, SA ; Maier, AB ; Goh, J ; Low, ICC ; Lee, JKW ; Koh, AS ; Wenk, MR ; Adamski, J 
92018N-Terminal pro C-Type Natriuretic Peptide (NTproCNP) and myocardial function in ageingKeng B.M.H.; Gao F. ; Tan R.S. ; Ewe S.H. ; Teo L.L.Y.; Xie B.Q.; Goh G.B.B. ; Koh W.-P. ; Koh A.S. 
102018Normal values of myocardial deformation assessed by cardiovascular magnetic resonance feature tracking in a healthy Chinese population: A multicenter studyPeng, J; Zhao, X; Zhao, L; Fan, Z; Wang, Z; Chen, H; Leng, S; Allen, J ; Tan, R.-S ; Koh, A.S ; Ma, X; Lou, M; Zhong, L 
114-Mar-2022Obesity in Older Adults and Associations with Cardiovascular Structure and FunctionTan Y.H.; Lim J.P.; Lim W.S. ; Gao F. ; Teo L.L.Y.; Ewe S.H. ; Keng B.M.H.; Tan R.S. ; Koh W.-P. ; Koh A.S. 
122011Percutaneous coronary intervention in asians- are there differences in clinical outcome?Koh, A.S ; Khin, L.W; Choi, L.M; Sim, L.L; Chua, T.S ; Koh, T.H ; Tan, J.W ; Chia, S
132018Quantification of biventricular strains in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction patient using hyperelastic warping methodZou, H; Xi, C; Zhao, X; Koh, A.S ; Gao, F; Su, Y; Tan, R.-S ; Allen, J ; Lee, L.C; Genet, M; Zhong, L 
1421-May-2020Reference Ranges for Left Ventricular Curvedness and Curvedness-Based Functional Indices Using Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance in Healthy Asian SubjectsZhao, Xiaodan ; Teo, Soo-Kng; Zhong, Liang ; Leng, Shuang ; Zhang, Jun-Mei; Low, Ris; Allen, John ; Koh, Angela S ; Su, Yi; Tan, Ru-San 
151-May-2023The potential benefits of assessing post-cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) in aging: a narrative review.Lim, Zi Xiang ; Gyanwali, Bibek ; Soh, Janjira; Koh, Angela S ; Goh, Jorming 
162018Validation of a rapid semi-automated method to assess left atrial longitudinal phasic strains on cine cardiovascular magnetic resonance imagingLeng, S; Tan, R.-S ; Zhao, X; Allen, J.C ; Koh, A.S ; Zhong, L 
172017Value of soluble Urokinase plasminogen activator receptor over age as a biomarker of impaired myocardial relaxationKoh A.S. ; Velmurugan B. ; Gao F. ; Tan R.S. ; Wong J.-I.; Teo L.L.Y. ; Keng B.M.H.; Chua S.J.M.; Yuan J.-M.; Koh W.-P. ; Cheung C.