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Xiaodan Zhao


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14-Jun-2021Age- and Sex-Specific Changes in CMR Feature Tracking-Based Right Atrial and Ventricular Functional Parameters in Healthy AsiansLeng, Shuang ; Guo, Jiajun; Tan, Ru-San; Chai, Ping ; Teo, Lynette ; Fortier, Marielle; Gong, Chao; Zhao, Xiaodan ; Ong, Ching Ching ; Allen, John C ; Ruan, Wen ; Koh, Angela S; Tan, Teng Hong ; Yip, James W; Tan, Ju Le; Chen, Yucheng; Zhong, Liang 
21-Mar-2019Age-related changes in four-dimensional CMR-derived atrioventricular junction velocities and displacements: Implications for the identification of altered annular dynamics for ventricular function assessmentLeng, S ; Zhao, X ; Koh, AS ; Zhao, L; Allen, JC ; Tan, RS ; Ma, X; Zhong, L 
31-Apr-2021Cardiovascular magnetic resonance-assessed fast global longitudinal strain parameters add diagnostic and prognostic insights in right ventricular volume and pressure loading disease conditionsLeng, Shuang ; Tan, Ru-San; Guo, Jiajun; Chai, Ping ; Zhang, Gangcheng; Teo, Lynette ; Ruan, Wen ; Yeo, Tee Joo ; Zhao, Xiaodan ; Allen, John C ; Tan, Ju Le; Yip, James W; Chen, Yucheng; Zhong, Liang 
428-Jan-2021Patient-Specific Computational Analysis of Hemodynamics and Wall Mechanics and Their Interactions in Pulmonary Arterial HypertensionZambrano, Byron A; McLean, Nathan; Zhao, Xiaodan ; Tan, Ju-Le; Zhong, Liang ; Figueroa, C Alberto; Lee, Lik Chuan; Baek, Seungik
521-May-2020Reference Ranges for Left Ventricular Curvedness and Curvedness-Based Functional Indices Using Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance in Healthy Asian SubjectsZhao, Xiaodan ; Teo, Soo-Kng; Zhong, Liang ; Leng, Shuang ; Zhang, Jun-Mei; Low, Ris; Allen, John ; Koh, Angela S ; Su, Yi; Tan, Ru-San 
62019The chromatin structuring protein HMGA2 influences human subtelomere stability and cancer chemosensitivityAhmed, S.M.; Ramani, P.D.; Rong Wong, S.Q.; Zhao, X. ; Ivanyi-Nagy, R.; Leong, T.C.; Chua, C.; Li, Z.; Hentze, H.; Tan, I.B. ; Yan, J. ; DasGupta, R.; Dröge, P.
73-Jan-2022Ventricular flow analysis and its association with exertional capacity in repaired tetralogy of Fallot: 4D flow cardiovascular magnetic resonance studyZhao, Xiaodan ; Hu, Liwei; Leng, Shuang ; Tan, Ru-San ; Chai, Ping ; Bryant, Jennifer Ann ; Teo, Lynette LS ; Fortier, Marielle V ; Yeo, Tee Joo ; Ouyang, Rong Zhen; Allen, John C ; Hughes, Marina; Garg, Pankaj; Zhang, Shuo; van der Geest, Rob J; Yip, James W; Tan, Teng Hong ; Tan, Ju Le; Zhong, Yumin; Zhong, Liang 
82018ZYH005, a novel DNA intercalator, overcomes all-trans retinoic acid resistance in acute promyelocytic leukemiaTong, Q.; You, H.; Chen, X.; Wang, K.; Sun, W.; Pei, Y.; Zhao, X. ; Yuan, M.; Zhu, H.; Luo, Z.; Zhang, Y.