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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018A single molecule analysis of H-NS uncouples DNA binding affinity from DNA specificityGulvady, R. ; Gao, Y. ; Kenney, L.J. ; Yan, J. 
218-Jan-2019Calcium-mediated Protein Folding and Stabilization of Salmonella Biofilm-associated Protein AYAO, MINGXI ; BAKER, KAREN; YANG, LIANG; GOULT, BENJAMIN T; DOYLE, PATRICK S; YAN, JIE ; GUTTULA DURGARAO 
38-May-2017Elasticity of the Transition State Leading to an Unexpected Mechanical Stabilization of Titin Immunoglobulin DomainsYuan Guohua; LE SHIMIN ; YAO MINGXI ; Qian hui; Zhou Xin; YAN JIE ; CHEN HU 
42019Myosin IIA and formin dependent mechanosensitivity of filopodia adhesionAlieva, N.O. ; Efremov, A.K. ; Hu, S. ; Oh, D. ; Chen, Z.; Natarajan, M. ; Ong, H.T. ; Jégou, A.; Romet-Lemonne, G.; Groves, J.T. ; Sheetz, M.P. ; Yan, J. ; Bershadsky, A.D. 
52018Structural-elastic determination of the force-dependent transition rate of biomoleculesGuo, S.; Tang, Q.; Yao, M. ; You, H.; Le, S. ; Chen, H.; Yan, J. 
62019The chromatin structuring protein HMGA2 influences human subtelomere stability and cancer chemosensitivityAhmed, S.M.; Ramani, P.D.; Rong Wong, S.Q.; Zhao, X. ; Ivanyi-Nagy, R.; Leong, T.C.; Chua, C.; Li, Z.; Hentze, H.; Tan, I.B. ; Yan, J. ; DasGupta, R.; Dröge, P.
72016The horizontally-acquired response regulator SsrB drives a Salmonella lifestyle switch by relieving biofilm silencingDesai S.K. ; Winardhi R.S.; Periasamy S.; Dykas M.M. ; Jie Y. ; Kenney L.J. 
82016The mechanical response of talinYao M. ; Goult B.T.; Klapholz B.; Hu X. ; Toseland C.P.; Guo Y.; Cong P.; Sheetz M.P. ; Yan J. 
92018Transfer-matrix calculations of the effects of tension and torque constraints on DNA-protein interactionsEfremov, A.K. ; Yan, J. 
102019Understanding the catch-bond kinetics of biomolecules on a one-dimensional energy landscapeGuo, S.; Efremov, A.K. ; Yan, J.