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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018A new role of OmpR in acid and osmotic stress in salmonella and E. coliChakraborty, S ; Kenney, L.J 
22018A single molecule analysis of H-NS uncouples DNA binding affinity from DNA specificityGulvady, R. ; Gao, Y. ; Kenney, L.J. ; Yan, J. 
3Feb-2014An escherichia coli nissle 1917 missense mutant colonizes the streptomycin-treated mouse intestine better than the wild type but is not a better probioticAdediran, J.; Leatham-Jensen, M.P.; Mokszycki, M.E.; Frimodt-Møller, J.; Krogfelt, K.A.; Kazmierczak, K.; Kenney, L.J. ; Conway, T.; Cohena, P.S.
430-Dec-2013Characterization of the yehUT two-component regulatory system of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi and TyphimuriumWong, V.K.; Pickard, D.J.; Barquist, L.; Sivaraman, K.; Page, A.J.; Hart, P.J.; Arends, M.J.; Holt, K.E.; Kane, L.; Mottram, L.F.; Ellison, L.; Bautista, R.; McGee, C.J.; Kay, S.J.; Wileman, T.M.; Kenney, L.J. ; MacLennan, C.A.; Kingsley, R.A.; Dougan, G.
525-May-2012Engineered oligomerization state of OmpF protein through computational design decouples oligomer dissociation from unfoldingNaveed, H.; Jimenez-Morales, D.; Tian, J.; Pasupuleti, V.; Kenney, L.J. ; Liang, J.
62018New variant of multidrug-resistant Salmonella enterica serovar typhimurium associated with invasive disease in immunocompromised patients in VietnamMather, A.E; Phuong, T.L.T; Gao, Y ; Clare, S; Mukhopadhyay, S; Goulding, D.A; Do Hoang, N.T; Tuyen, H.T; Lan, N.P.H; Thompson, C.N; Trang, N.H.T; Carrique-Mas, J; Tue, N.T; Campbell, J.I; Rabaa, M.A; Thanh, D.P; Harcourt, K; Hoa, N.T; Trung, N.V; Schultsz, C; Perron, G.G; Coia, J.E; Brown, D.J; Okoro, C; Parkhill, J; Thomson, N.R; Chau, N.V.V; Thwaites, G.E; Maskell, D.J; Dougan, G; Kenney, L.J ; Baker, S
72017Non-canonical activation of OmpR drives acid and osmotic stress responses in single bacterial cellsChakraborty S. ; Winardhi R.S. ; Morgan L.K.; Yan J. ; Kenney L.J. 
82015Rapid, High-Throughput Tracking of Bacterial Motility in 3D via Phase-Contrast Holographic Video MicroscopyCHEONG FOOK CHIONG ; Wong, Chui Ching ; Gao, Yunfeng ; Nai, Mui Hoon ; Cui, Yidan ; Park, Sungsu ; Kenney, Linda J. ; Chwee Teck 
92015Single cell super-resolution imaging of E. coli OmpR during environmental stressFoo, Y.H ; Spahn, C; Zhang, H ; Heilemann, M; Kenney, L.J 
102019Single cell, super-resolution imaging reveals an acid pH-dependent conformational switch in SsrB regulates SPI-2Liew, A.T.F. ; Foo, Y.H. ; Gao, Y. ; Zangoui, P. ; Singh, M.K. ; Gulvady, R. ; Kenney, L.J. 
112019Switching Lifestyles Is an in vivo Adaptive Strategy of Bacterial PathogensDesai, S.K. ; Kenney, L.J. 
122016The horizontally-acquired response regulator SsrB drives a Salmonella lifestyle switch by relieving biofilm silencingDesai S.K. ; Winardhi R.S.; Periasamy S.; Dykas M.M. ; Jie Y. ; Kenney L.J. 
132018The pearling transition provides evidence of force-driven endosomal tubulation during Salmonella infectionGao, Y. ; Spahn, C.; Heilemann, M.; Kenney, L.J.