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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
113-Nov-2012AFM Probing the Mechanism of Synergistic Effects of the Green Tea Polyphenol (-)-Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate (EGCG) with Cefotaxime against Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase (ESBL)-Producing Escherichia coliCui, Y.; Kim, S.H.; Kim, H.; Yeom, J.; Ko, K.; Park, W.; Park, S. 
225-Sep-2012Analysis of changes in gene expression and metabolic profiles induced by silica-coated magnetic nanoparticlesShim, W.; Paik, M.J.; Nguyen, D.-T.; Lee, J.-K.; Lee, Y.; Kim, J.-H.; Shin, E.-H.; Kang, J.S.; Jung, H.-S.; Choi, S.; Park, S. ; Shim, J.S.; Lee, G.
327-Nov-2013C. elegans sensing of and entrainment along obstacles require different neurons at different body locationsNam, S.-W.; Qian, C.; Kim, S.H.; Van Noort, D.; Chiam, K.-H.; Park, S. 
417-Oct-2012Characterization of curli a production on living bacterial surfaces by scanning probe microscopyOh, Y.J.; Cui, Y.; Kim, H.; Li, Y.; Hinterdorfer, P.; Park, S. 
52015Cyclic stretching of soft substrates induces spreading and growthCui Y. ; Hameed F.M. ; Yang B. ; Lee K. ; Pan C.Q. ; Park S. ; Sheetz M. 
6Mar-2013Enhanced activities of reproductive system in male rat treated with male silkworm pupae extractKwon, M.-G.; Kim, D.-S.; Lee, J.-H.; Park, S.-R.; Ahn, J.; Kim, J.-S.; Ko, K.; Park, S. ; Kang, Y.-S.; Choo, Y.-K.; Ko, K.
72011In vivo fluorescence imaging of Bacteriogenic Cyanide in the lungs of live mice infected with cystic fibrosis pathogensNam, S.-W.; Chen, X.; Lim, J.; Kim, S.H.; Kim, S.-T.; Cho, Y.-H.; Yoon, J.; Park, S. 
81-Feb-2014Polycarbonate bonding assisted by surface chemical modification without plasma treatment and its application for the construction of plastic-based cell arraysJang, M.; Park, S. ; Lee, N.Y.
92015Rapid, High-Throughput Tracking of Bacterial Motility in 3D via Phase-Contrast Holographic Video MicroscopyCHEONG FOOK CHIONG ; Wong, Chui Ching ; Gao, Yunfeng ; Nai, Mui Hoon ; Cui, Yidan ; Park, Sungsu ; Kenney, Linda J. ; Chwee Teck 
1019-Mar-2012Salicylimine-based fluorescent chemosensor for aluminum ions and application to bioimagingKim, S.; Noh, J.Y.; Kim, K.Y.; Kim, J.H.; Kang, H.K.; Nam, S.-W.; Kim, S.H.; Park, S. ; Kim, C.; Kim, J.