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Smarajit Chakraborty
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Chakraborty, Smarajit
Chakraborty, S.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015A FRET-Based DNA Biosensor Tracks OmpR-Dependent Acidification of Salmonella during Macrophage InfectionChakraborty, Smarajit ; Mizusaki, Hideaki ; Kenney, Linda J.
22018A new role of OmpR in acid and osmotic stress in salmonella and E. coliChakraborty, S ; Kenney, L.J 
32011Crystal structure of the heteromolecular chaperone, AscE-AscG, from the type III secretion system in Aeromonas hydrophilaChatterjee, C. ; Kumar, S. ; Chakraborty, S. ; Tan, Y.W.; Leung, K.Y. ; Sivaraman, J. ; Mok, Y.-K. 
42019Fast Adipogenesis Tracking System (FATS) - A robust, high-throughput, automation-ready adipogenesis quantification technique 10 Technology 1004 Medical BiotechnologyYuan, C; Chakraborty, S ; Chitta, K.K; Subramanian, S; Lim, T.E; Han, W ; Bhanu Prakash, K.N; Sugii, S 
52017Non-canonical activation of OmpR drives acid and osmotic stress responses in single bacterial cellsChakraborty S. ; Winardhi R.S. ; Morgan L.K.; Yan J. ; Kenney L.J. 
62010Structural basis for the secretion of evpc: A key type vi secretion system protein from edwardsiella tardaJobichen, C. ; Chakraborty, S. ; Li, M. ; Zheng, J. ; Joseph, L. ; Mok, Y.-K. ; Leung, Y.K.; Sivaraman, J. 
71-Dec-2010Temperature and Mg2+ Sensing by a Novel PhoP-PhoQ Two-component System for Regulation of Virulence in Edwardsiella tardaChakraborty, Smarajit ; Li, Mo; Chatterjee, Chiradip ; Sivaraman, J ; Leung, Ka Yin; Mok, Yu-Keung 
81-Apr-2020Trxlp, a thioredoxin-like effector from Edwardsiella piscicida inhibits cellular redox signaling and nuclear translocation of NF-kappa BSayed, Ahmed; Chakraborty, Smarajit ; Leung, Ka Yin ; Sugii, Shigeki ; Mok, Yu Keung 
911-Nov-2011Two-component PhoB-PhoR Regulatory System and Ferric Uptake Regulator Sense Phosphate and Iron to Control Virulence Genes in Type III and VI Secretion Systems of Edwardsiella tardaChakraborty, Smarajit ; Sivaraman, J ; Leung, Ka Yin; Mok, Yu-Keung