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Artem Yefremov
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Efremov, A.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-May-2018Atomic-Scale Insights into Physical Mechanisms Driving Enzymes’ “Working Cycles”Efremov, AK ; Ataullakhanov, FI
26-Dec-2012Bipedal nanowalker by pure physical mechanismsCheng, J.; Sreelatha, S.; Hou, R.; Efremov, A. ; Liu, R. ; Van Der Maarel, J.R.C. ; Wang, Z. 
32013Directional fidelity of nanoscale motors and particles is limited by the 2nd law of thermodynamics - Via a universal equalityWang, Z. ; Hou, R.; Efremov, A. 
421-Mar-2011Maximum directionality and systematic classification of molecular motorsEfremov, A. ; Wang, Z. 
52017MDia1 senses both force and torque during F-actin filament polymerizationYu M. ; Yuan X. ; Lu C. ; Le S. ; Kawamura R. ; Efremov A.K. ; Zhao Z. ; Kozlov M.M.; Sheetz M. ; Bershadsky A. ; Yan J. 
62019Myosin IIA and formin dependent mechanosensitivity of filopodia adhesionAlieva, N.O. ; Efremov, A.K. ; Hu, S. ; Oh, D. ; Chen, Z.; Natarajan, M. ; Ong, H.T. ; Jégou, A.; Romet-Lemonne, G.; Groves, J.T. ; Sheetz, M.P. ; Yan, J. ; Bershadsky, A.D. 
72017Theoretical methods for studying DNA structural transitions under applied mechanical constraintsEfremov, A.K ; Winardhi, R.S ; Yan, J 
82018Transfer-matrix calculations of the effects of tension and torque constraints on DNA-protein interactionsEfremov, A.K. ; Yan, J. 
92019Understanding the catch-bond kinetics of biomolecules on a one-dimensional energy landscapeGuo, S.; Efremov, A.K. ; Yan, J. 
107-Apr-2011Universal optimal working cycles of molecular motorsEfremov, A. ; Wang, Z.