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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
130-Mar-2007A Divalent Metal-mediated Switch Controlling Protein-induced DNA BendingBao, Q.; Chen, H. ; Liu, Y.; Yan, J. ; Dröge, P.; Davey, C.A.
215-Feb-2010A divalent switch drives H-NS/DNA-binding conformations between stiffening and bridging modesLiu, Y.; Chen, H. ; Kenney, L.J.; Yan, J. 
3Sep-2009A solution to a single molecular experiment problemLiu, Y.; Chen, H. ; Hu, L.; Ou-Yang, Z.-C.; Yan, J. 
410-Nov-2005Accessibility of compact structures and prion-like protein folding propertyChen, H. ; Chan, G.K. ; Chih, Y.L. ; Zhou, X.
57-Sep-2011Differential mechanical stability of filamin A rod segmentsChen, H. ; Zhu, X. ; Cong, P.; Sheetz, M.P. ; Nakamura, F.; Yan, J. 
62015Dynamics of Equilibrium Folding and Unfolding Transitions of Titin Immunoglobulin Domain under Constant ForcesChen Hu ; Yuan Guohua; RICKSEN SURYA WINARDHI ; Yao Mingxi; Popa Ionel; Fernandez Julio M.; Yan Jie 
715-Apr-2008Effects of kink and flexible hinge defects on mechanical responses of short double-stranded DNA moleculesChen, H. ; Yan, J. 
8May-2009Effects of magnesium salt concentrations on B-DNA overstretching transitionFu, H. ; Chen, H. ; Koh, C.G. ; Lim, C.T. 
98-May-2017Elasticity of the Transition State Leading to an Unexpected Mechanical Stabilization of Titin Immunoglobulin DomainsYuan Guohua; LE SHIMIN ; YAO MINGXI ; Qian hui; Zhou Xin; YAN JIE ; CHEN HU 
102007Experimental and numerical studies on B-DNA overstretching transition in presence of sodium ions at physiological temperatureHongxia, F. ; Chan, G.K. ; Hu, C. ; Chwee, T.L. 
11Jan-2013Force and ATP hydrolysis dependent regulation of RecA nucleoprotein filament by single-stranded DNA binding proteinFu, H. ; Le, S.; Chen, H. ; Muniyappa, K.; Yan, J. 
1219-Jan-2011Improved high-force magnetic tweezers for stretching and refolding of proteins and short DNAChen, H. ; Fu, H. ; Zhu, X. ; Cong, P.; Nakamura, F.; Yan, J. 
13Jun-2005Ionic effects on overstretching transition of B-DNAFu, H. ; Koh, C.G. ; Chen, H. 
1420-Feb-2004Kinetic analysis of protein folding lattice modelsChen, H. ; Zhou, X.; Chih, Y.L. ; Chan, G.K. 
15Jan-2010Kinetics of single DNA compaction by hexaammine cobalt chlorideFu, W. ; Chen, H. ; Li, M.; Yan, J. 
169-Apr-2014Mechanical activation of vinculin binding to talin locks talin in an unfolded conformationYao, M.; Goult, B.T.; Chen, H. ; Cong, P.; Sheetz, M.P. ; Yan, J. 
1716-Dec-2013Mechanosensing of DNA bending in a single specific protein-DNA complexLe, S.; Chen, H. ; Cong, P.; Lin, J.; Dröge, P.; Yan, J. 
1810-Nov-2010Non-harmonic DNA bending elasticity is revealed by statistics of DNA minicircle shapesChen, H. ; Fu, H. ; Zhou, Z.; Yan, J. 
1922-Jan-2004Orientational order in binary mixtures of hard Gaussian overlap moleculesZhou, X.; Chen, H. ; Iwamotoa, M.
2015-Mar-2004Orientational orders of small anisotropic molecules confined in slit poresZhou, X.; Chen, H. ; Iwamoto, M.