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Yeo, Tee Joo
Yeo, T.J.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015Cardiac Rehabilitation after Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in a Multiethnic Asian Country: Enrollment and BarriersPoh, R.; Ng, H.N.; Loo, G.; Ooi, L.S.; Yeo, T.J. ; Wong, R. ; Lee, C.-H. 
21-Apr-2021Cardiovascular magnetic resonance-assessed fast global longitudinal strain parameters add diagnostic and prognostic insights in right ventricular volume and pressure loading disease conditionsLeng, Shuang ; Tan, Ru-San; Guo, Jiajun; Chai, Ping ; Zhang, Gangcheng; Teo, Lynette ; Ruan, Wen ; Yeo, Tee Joo ; Zhao, Xiaodan ; Allen, John C ; Tan, Ju Le; Yip, James W; Chen, Yucheng; Zhong, Liang 
31-Apr-2020Have a heart during the COVID-19 crisis: Making the case for cardiac rehabilitation in the face of an ongoing pandemicYeo, Tee Joo ; Wang, Yi-Ting Laureen; Low, Ting Ting 
4Mar-2021Obstructive sleep apnea during acute coronary syndrome is related to myocardial necrosis and wall stressCheong, Crystal SJ ; Aung, Aye-Thandar; Wong, Raymond CC ; Yeo, Tee Joo ; Chan, Siew-Pang ; Lee, Chi-Hang 
52016Prevalence and associated clinical characteristics of exercise-induced ST-segment elevation in lead aVRMcKinney J.; Pitcher I.; Fordyce C.B.; Yousefi M.; Yeo T.J. ; Ignaszewski A.; Isserow S.; Chan S.; Ramanathan K.; Taylor C.M.
61-Apr-2018Single-dose intravenous iron in Southeast Asian heart failure patients: A pilot randomized placebo-controlled study (PRACTICE-ASIA-HF)Yeo, Tee Joo ; Yeo, Poh Shuan Daniel; Hadi, Farid Abdul; Cushway, Timothy; Lee, Kim Yee; Yin, Fang Fang; Ching, Anne; Li, Ruili; Loh, Seet Yoong; Lim, Shir Lynn ; Wong, Raymond Ching-Chiew; Tai, Bee Choo ; Richards, Arthur Mark ; Lam, Carolyn SP