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Goh, Jorming


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11-Jan-2021A 12-week aerobic exercise intervention results in improved metabolic function and lower adipose tissue and ectopic fat in high-fat diet fed ratsGopalan, Venkatesh; Yaligar, Jadegoud ; Michael, Navin; Kaur, Kavita; Anantharaj, Rengaraj ; Verma, Sanjay Kumar; Sadananthan, Suresh Anand ; Le, Giang Thi Thu; Goh, Jorming ; Velan, S Sendhil
21-Sep-2011Accuracy of a novel multi-sensor board for measuring physical activity and energy expenditureDuncan, Glen E; Lester, Jonathan; Migotsky, Sean; Goh, Jorming ; Higgins, Lisa; Borriello, Gaetano
31-Feb-2022Alpha-Ketoglutarate dietary supplementation to improve health in humansGyanwali, Bibek ; Lim, Zi Xiang ; Soh, Janjira; Lim, Clarissa; Guan, Shou Ping ; Goh, Jorming ; Maier, Andrea B ; Kennedy, Brian K 
42012Are Exercise and Mitochondrial Antioxidants Compatible in the Treatment of Invasive Breast Cancer?Goh, Jorming ; Brewer, Christina Pettan; Enns, Linda
52012Breast tumors in PyMT transgenic mice expressing mitochondrial catalase have decreased labeling for macrophages and endothelial cells.Fatemie, Sy; Goh, Jorming ; Pettan-Brewer, Christina; Ladiges, Warren
6Dec-2020Concurrent high-intensity aerobic and resistance exercise modulates systemic release of alarmins (HMGB1, S100A8/A9, HSP70) and inflammatory biomarkers in healthy young men: a pilot studyGoh, Jorming ; Hofmann, Peter; Aw, Ning Hong; Tan, Poh Ling ; Tschakert, Gerhard; Mueller, Alexander; Wong, Siew Cheng ; Tan, Frankie ; Gan, Linda Seo Hwee
72018Effects of consecutive versus non-consecutive days of resistance training on strength, body composition, and red blood cellsYang Y.; Bay P.B.; Wang Y.R. ; Huang J.; Teo H.W.; Goh J. 
81-Oct-2018Exercise alarms the immune system: A HMGB1 perspectiveGoh, Jorming ; Behringer, Michael
92016Exercise and adipose tissue macrophages: New Frontiers in obesity research?Goh J. ; Goh K.P.; Abbasi A.
101-Jul-2014Exercise enhances wound healing and prevents cancer progression during aging by targeting macrophage polarityGoh, Jorming ; Ladiges, Warren C
1116-Feb-2021Exercise rescues mitochondrial coupling in aged skeletal muscle: a comparison of different modalities in preventing sarcopeniaHarper, Colin; Gopalan, Venkatesh; Goh, Jor Ming 
1216-Feb-2021Exercise rescues mitochondrial coupling in aged skeletal muscle: a comparison of different modalities in preventing sarcopeniaHarper, Colin; Gopalan, Venkatesh; Goh, Jorming 
131-Jan-2014Exercise training and immune crosstalk in breast cancer microenvironment: exploring the paradigms of exercise-induced immune modulation and exercise-induced myokinesGoh, Jorming ; Niksirat, Negin; Campbell, Kristin L
142013Exercise training in transgenic mice is associated with attenuation of early breast cancer growth in a dose-dependent mannerGoh J. ; Tsai J.; Bammler T.K.; Farin F.M.; Endicott E.; Ladiges W.C.
1524-May-2012Exercise, physical activity and breast cancer: The role of tumor-associated macrophagesGoh, J ; Kirk, EA; Lee, SX; Ladiges, WC
162014An immunohistochemical approach for monitoring effects of exercise on tumor stromal cells in old mice.Pettan-Brewer, Christina; Goh, Jorming ; Ladiges, Warren C
171-Jan-2019Mice expressing an XRCC1 truncated protein are at increased risk for insulin resistanceSharma, Kavita; Wu, Jinzi; Lee, Shu Xian; Ladiges, Warren C; Goh, Jorming 
1823-May-2011Mitochondrial targeted catalase suppresses invasive breast cancer in miceGoh, Jorming ; Enns, Linda; Fatemie, Soroosh; Hopkins, Heather; Morton, John; Pettan-Brewer, Christina; Ladiges, Warren
191-Oct-2013Mitochondrial-targeted peptide rapidly improves mitochondrial energetics and skeletal muscle performance in aged miceSiegel, Michael P; Kruse, Shane E; Percival, Justin M; Goh, Jorming ; White, Collin C; Hopkins, Heather C; Kavanagh, Terrance J; Szeto, Hazel H; Rabinovitch, Peter S; Marcinek, David J
201-Dec-2018Monocyte Subsets in Atherosclerosis and Modification with Exercise in HumansAw, Ning Hong; Canetti, Elisa; Suzuki, Katsuhiko; Goh, Jorming