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11-Nov-2019Ambient and supplemental magnetic fields promote myogenesis via a TRPC1-mitochondrial axis: evidence of a magnetic mitohormetic mechanismYap, Jasmine Lye Yee; Tai, Yee Kit ; Frohlich, Juerg; Fong, Charlene Hui Hua; Yin, Jocelyn Naixin; Foo, Zi Ling ; Ramanan, Sharanya; Beyer, Christian; Toh, Shi Jie ; Casarosa, Marco; Bharathy, Narendra; Kala, Monica Palanichamy; Egli, Marcel ; Taneja, Reshma ; Lee, Chuen Neng ; Franco-Obregon, Alfredo 
21-Aug-2022Brief exposure to directionally-specific pulsed electromagnetic fields stimulates extracellular vesicle release and is antagonized by streptomycin: A potential regenerative medicine and food industry paradigmWong, Craig Jun Kit ; Tai, Yee Kit ; Yap, Jasmine Lye Yee ; Fong, Charlene Hui Hua ; Loo, Larry Sai Weng; Kukumberg, Marek ; Frohlich, Jurg; Zhang, Sitong; Li, Jing Ze ; Wang, Jiong-Wei ; Rufaihah, Abdul Jalil ; Franco-Obregon, Alfredo 
319-Mar-2023Brief, weekly magnetic muscle therapy improves mobility and lean body mass in older adults: a Southeast Asia community case study.Venugobal, Sharanya; Tai, Yee Kit ; Goh, Jorming ; Teh, Sean; Wong, Craig ; Goh, Ivan; Maier, Andrea B ; Kennedy, Brian K ; Franco-Obregon, Alfredo 
42-Sep-2020Cell-Derived Vesicles as TRPC1 Channel Delivery Systems for the Recovery of Cellular Respiratory and Proliferative CapacitiesKurth, Felix; Tai, Yee Kit ; Parate, Dinesh ; van Oostrum, Marc; Schmid, Yannick RF; Toh, Shi Jie ; Yap, Jasmine Lye Yee ; Wollscheid, Bernd; Othman, Alaa; Dittrich, Petra S; Franco-Obregon, Alfredo 
51-Jan-2015Chondrogenic Priming at Reduced Cell Density Enhances Cartilage Adhesion of Equine Allogeneic MSCs - a Loading Sensitive Phenomenon in an Organ Culture Study with 180 ExplantsSpaas, Jan H; Broeckx, Sarah Y; Chiers, Koen; Ferguson, Stephen J; Casarosa, Marco; Van Bruaene, Nathalie; Forsyth, Ramses; Duchateau, Luc; Franco-Obregon, Alfredo ; Wuertz-Kozak, Karin
6Jan-2020Comparative study of xeno-free induction protocols for neural differentiation of human dental pulp stem cells in vitroMadanagopal, Thulasi Thiruvallur; ALFREDO FRANCO-OBREGON ; VINICIUS ROSA 
7Jul-2023Concurrent Optical- and Magnetic-Stimulation-Induced Changes on Wound Healing Parameters, Analyzed by Hyperspectral Imaging: An Exploratory Case SeriesTraber, Jurg; Wild, Thomas; Marotz, Joerg; Berli, Martin C; Franco-Obregon, Alfredo 
81-Jan-2021Directionalities of magnetic fields and topographic scaffolds synergise to enhance MSC chondrogenesisCelik, Cenk; Franco-Obregon, Alfredo ; Lee, Eng Hin ; Hui, James HP; Yang, Zheng 
91-Dec-2016Effective Enhancement of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Chondrogenesis with Short Term Low Intensity Pulsed Electromagnetic FieldParate, DA ; Franco-Obregon, A ; Hui, J; Yang, Z 
1025-Aug-2017Enhancement of mesenchymal stem cell chondrogenesis with short-term low intensity pulsed electromagnetic fieldsParate D.; Franco-Obreg髇 A. ; Fr鰄lich J.; Beyer C.; Abbas A.A.; Kamarul T.; Hui J.H.P.; Yang Z.
111-Feb-2019Graphene-Induced Osteogenic Differentiation Is Mediated by the Integrin/FAK AxisXie, Han; Cao, Tong ; Franco-Obregon, Alfredo ; Rosa, Vinicius 
12Oct-2023Harmonizing Magnetic Mitohormetic Regenerative Strategies: Developmental Implications of a Calcium-Mitochondrial Axis Invoked by Magnetic Field ExposureFranco-Obregon, Alfredo 
132013Low intensity and frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields selectively impair breast cancer cell viability.Crocetti S.; Beyer C.; Schade G.; Egli M.; Fröhlich J.; Franco-Obregon A. 
141-Jul-2022Magnetic field therapy enhances muscle mitochondrial bioenergetics and attenuates systemic ceramide levels following ACL reconstruction: Southeast Asian randomized-controlled pilot trialStephenson, MC; Krishna, L ; Pannir Selvan, RM ; Tai, YK ; Kit Wong, CJ ; Yin, JN ; Toh, SJ ; Torta, F ; Triebl, A ; Frohlich, J; Beyer, C; Li, JZ; Tan, SS; Wong, CK ; Chinnasamy, D; Pakkiri, LS ; Lee Drum, C ; Wenk, MR ; Totman, JJ ; Franco-Obregon, A 
156-Jul-2020Magnetic fields modulate metabolism and gut microbiome in correlation with Pgc-1α expression: Follow-up to an in vitro magnetic mitohormetic study.Tai, Yee Kit ; Ng, Charmaine ; Purnamawati, Kristy; Yap, Jasmine Lye Yee; Yin, Jocelyn Naixin; Wong, Craig; Patel, Bharati Kadamb; Soong, Poh Loong ; Pelczar, Pawel; Fröhlich, Jürg; Beyer, Christian; Fong, Charlene Hui Hua; Ramanan, Sharanya; Casarosa, Marco; Cerrato, Carmine Pasquale; Foo, Zi Ling ; Pannir Selvan, Rina Malathi; Grishina, Elina ; Degirmenci, Ufuk; Toh, Shi Jie ; Richards, Pete J; Mirsaidi, Ali; Wuertz-Kozak, Karin; Chong, Suet Yen ; Ferguson, Stephen J; Aguzzi, Adriano; Monici, Monica; Sun, Lei ; Drum, Chester L ; Wang, Jiong-Wei; Franco-Obregón, Alfredo 
162-Nov-2022Magnetic mitohormesis: A non-invasive therapy for inflammatory disorders?Franco-Obreg, Alfredo 
1724-Jan-2022Modulated TRPC1 Expression Predicts Sensitivity of Breast Cancer to Doxorubicin and Magnetic Field Therapy: Segue Towards a Precision Medicine ApproachTai, Yee Kit ; Chan, Karen Ka Wing; Fong, Charlene Hui Hua ; Ramanan, Sharanya ; Yap, Jasmine Lye Yee ; Yin, Jocelyn Naixin ; Yip, Yun Sheng; Tan, Wei Ren; Koh, Angele Pei Fern ; Tan, Nguan Soon ; Chan, Ching Wan ; Huang, Ruby Yun Ju ; Li, Jing Ze ; Frohlich, Juerg; Franco-Obregon, Alfredo 
181-Jul-2022Persistent quadriceps muscle atrophy after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction is associated with alterations in exercise-induced myokine productionTim-Yun Ong, M; Fu, SC; Mok, SW; Franco-Obregon, Alfredo ; Lok-Sze Yam, S; Shu-Hang Yung, P
203-Feb-2020Pulsed electromagnetic fields potentiate the paracrine function of mesenchymal stem cells for cartilage regenerationParate, Dinesh ; Kadir, Nurul Dinah ; Celik, Cenk; Lee, Eng Hin ; Hui, James HP ; Franco-Obregon, Alfredo ; Yang, Zheng