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11-Feb-2022Alpha-Ketoglutarate dietary supplementation to improve health in humansGyanwali, Bibek ; Lim, Zi Xiang ; Soh, Janjira; Lim, Clarissa; Guan, Shou Ping ; Goh, Jorming ; Maier, Andrea B ; Kennedy, Brian K 
217-Jan-2022Feasibility of Diagnosing Initial Orthostatic Hypotension Using a Continuous Blood Pressure Device in Geriatric Rehabilitation Inpatients: RESORTTran J.; Mol A.; Iseli R.K.; Lim W.K.; Meskers C.G.M.; Maier A.B. 
326-Apr-2021Orthostatic Blood Pressure Recovery Measured Using a Sphygmomanometer Is Not Associated with Physical Performance or Number of Falls in Geriatric OutpatientsMol, Arjen; Blom, Marieke Esmé Charlotte; van den Bosch, Danique Johanna; Van Wezel, Richard Jack Anton; Meskers, Carel G.M.; Maier, Andrea B. 
427-Jul-2021Sarcopenia Is Associated with Mortality in Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisXu, Jane; Wan, Ching S.; Ktoris, Kiriakos; Reijnierse, Esmee M.; Maier, Andrea B. 
511-Jan-2022The SINgapore GERiatric Intervention Study to Reduce Cognitive Decline and Physical Frailty (SINGER): Study Design and ProtocolXu, X; Chew, KA; Wong, ZX ; Phua, AKS; Chong, EJY; Teo, CKL; Sathe, N; Chooi, YC; Chia, WPF; Henry, CJ ; Chew, E ; Wang, M; Maier, AB ; Kandiah, N ; Chen, CL-H
67-Feb-2022Targeting the molecular & cellular pillars of human aging with exerciseGoh, Jorming ; Wong, Esther ; Soh, Janjira; Maier, Andrea Britta ; Kennedy, Brian Keith 
72-Aug-2021The Association between Sarcopenia as a Comorbid Disease and Incidence of Institutionalisation and Mortality in Geriatric Rehabilitation Inpatients: REStORing health of acutely unwell adulTs (RESORT)Pacifico, Jacob; Reijnierse, Esmee M.; Lim, Wen Kwang; Maier, Andrea B.