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110-May-2016Aberrant expression of the S1P regulating enzymes, SPHK1 and SGPL1, contributes to a migratory phenotype in OSCC mediated through S1PR2Patmanathan, Sathya Narayanan; Johnson, Steven P; Lai, Sook Ling; Bernam, Suthashini Panja; Lopes, Victor; Wei, Wenbin; Ibrahim, Maha Hafez; Torta, Federico ; Narayanaswamy, Pradeep ; Wenk, Markus R ; Herr, Deron R ; Murray, Paul G; Yap, Lee Fah; Paterson, Ian C
22015Arabidopsis AtPLC2 Is a Primary Phosphoinositide-Specific Phospholipase C in Phosphoinositide Metabolism and the Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress ResponseKanehara K.; Yu C.-Y.; Cho Y.; Cheong W.-F. ; Torta F. ; Shui G.; Wenk M.R. ; Nakamura Y.
37-Dec-2015Ceramides And Stress Signalling Intersect With Autophagic Defects In Neurodegenerative Drosophila blue cheese (bchs) MutantsHebbar, Sarita; Sahoo, Ishtapran; Matysik, Artur; Garcia, Irene Argudo; Osborne, Kathleen Amy; Papan, Cyrus; Torta, Federico ; Narayanaswamy, Pradeep ; Fun, Xiu Hui; Wenk, Markus R ; Shevchenko, Andrej; Schwudke, Dominik; Kraut, Rachel
418-Nov-2016Characterization of a dynamic metabolon producing the defense compound dhurrin in sorghumLaursen, Tomas; Borch, Jonas; Knudsen, Camilla; Bavishi, Krutika; Torta, Federico ; Martens, Helle Juel; Silvestro, Daniele; Hatzakis, Nikos S; Wenk, Markus R ; Dafforn, Timothy R; Olsen, Carl Erik; Motawia, Mohammed Saddik; Hamberger, Bjorn; Moller, Birger Lindberg; Bassard, Jean-Etienne
51-Jan-2020Concurrent lipidomics and proteomics on malignant plasma cells from multiple myeloma patients: Probing the lipid metabolomeMohamed, A; Collins, J; Jiang, H; Molendijk, J; Stoll, T; Torta, F ; Wenk, MR ; Bird, RJ; Marlton, P; Mollee, P; Markey, KA; Hill, MM
616-Mar-2019Data from: Changes in the Canine Plasma Lipidome after Short- and Long-Term Excess Glucocorticoid ExposureNadja S. Sieber-Ruckstuhl; Bo Burla ; Susanne Spoerel; Florence Schmid; Claudio Venzin; Amaury Cazenave-Gassiot ; Anne K. Bendt ; Federico Torta ; Markus R. Wenk ; Felicitas S. Boretti
71-Dec-2017Deciphering lipid structures based on platform-independent decision rulesHartler, Juergen; Triebl, Alexander ; Ziegl, Andreas; Troetzmueller, Martin; Rechberger, Gerald N; Zeleznik, Oana A; Zierler, Kathrin A; Torta, Federico ; Cazenave-Gassiot, Amaury ; Wenk, Markus R ; Fauland, Alexander; Wheelock, Craig E; Armando, Aaron M; Quehenberger, Oswald; Zhang, Qifeng; Wakelam, Michael JO; Haemmerle, Guenter; Spener, Friedrich; Koefeler, Harald C; Thallinger, Gerhard G
82016Defining key roles for auxiliary proteins in an ABC transporter that maintains bacterial outer membrane lipid asymmetryThong, Shuhua ; Ercan, Bilge ; Torte, Federico ; Fong, Zhen Yang ; Wong, Hui Yi Alvina; Wenk, Markus R ; Chng, Shu-Sin 
92018Enriched Expression of Neutral Sphingomyelinase 2 in the Striatum is Essential for Regulation of Lipid Raft Content and Motor CoordinationTan, L.H.-R; Tan, A.J.-R; Ng, Y.-Y; Chua, J.J.-E ; Chew, W.-S ; Muralidharan, S ; Torta, F ; Dutta, B; Sze, S.K; Herr, D.R ; Ong, W.-Y 
102019Large-scale lipidomics identifies associations between plasma sphingolipids and T2DM incidenceChew, Wee Siong ; Torta, Federico ; Ji, Shanshan ; Choi, Hyungwon ; Begum, Husna; Sim, Xueling ; Khoo, Chin Meng ; Khoo, Eric Yin Hao ; Ong, Wei-Yi ; Van Dam, Rob M; Wenk, Markus R ; Tai, E Shyong ; Herr, Deron R 
112014Lipidomic "deep profiling": An enhanced workflow to reveal new molecular species of signaling lipidsNarayanaswamy, P.; Shinde, S.; Sulc, R.; Kraut, R.; Staples, G.; Thiam, C.H.; Grimm, R.; Sellergren, B.; Torta, F. ; Wenk, M.R.
121-Nov-2019Movement of accessible plasma membrane cholesterol by GRAMD1 lipid transfer protein complexNaito, T; Ercan, B; Krshnan, L; Triebl, A ; Koh, DHZ; Wei, FY; Tomizawa, K; Torta, FT ; Wenk, MR ; Saheki, Y
131-Oct-2018MS-based lipidomics of human blood plasma: a community-initiated position paper to develop accepted guidelinesBurla, Bo; Arita, Makoto; Arita, Masanori; Bendt, Anne K ; Cazenave-Gassiot, Amaury ; Dennis, Edward A; Ekroos, Kim; Han, Xianlin; Ikeda, Kazutaka; Liebisch, Gerhard; Lin, Michelle K; Loh, Tze Ping; Meikle, Peter J; Oresic, Matej; Quehenberger, Oswald; Shevchenko, Andrej; Torta, Federico ; Wakelam, Michael JO; Wheelock, Craig E; Wenk, Markus R 
142011Nanostructured TiO 2 thin films for phosphoproteomics studies with MALDI mass spectrometryTorta, F. ; Fusi, M.; Casari, C.S.; Bassi, A.L.; Bachi, A.
15Jun-2019Protective Function of Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Phosphatase 5 in Aging- and Diet-Induced Hepatic Steatosis and Steatohepatitis.Tang, Peng ; Low, Heng Boon ; Png, Chin Wen ; Torta, Federico ; Kumar, Jaspal Kaur ; Lim, Hwee Ying ; Zhou, Yi ; Yang, Henry ; Angeli, Veronique ; Shabbir, Asim ; Tai, E Shyong ; Flavell, Richard A; Dong, Chen; Wenk, Markus R ; Yang, Dan Yock; Zhang, Yongliang 
162012Quantitative analysis of S-nitrosylated proteinsTorta, F. ; Bachi, A.
17May-2012SNX3-dependent regulation of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) trafficking and degradation by aspirin in epidermoid carcinoma (A-431) cellsChiow, K.H.; Tan, Y.; Chua, R.Y.; Huang, D.; Ng, M.L.M.; Torta, F. ; Wenk, M.R.; Wong, S.H. 
181-Jan-2018Sphingolipid Analysis in Clinical ResearchBurla, B ; Muralidharan, S ; Wenk, MR ; Torta, F 
191-Mar-2016Sphingosine kinase inhibition ameliorates chronic hypoperfusion-induced white matter lesionsYang, Ying; Torta, Federico ; Arai, Ken; Wenk, Markus R ; Herr, Deron R ; Wong, Peter T-H ; Lai, Mitchell KP 
202019Tackling the Complexity of the Exposome: Considerations from the Gunma University Initiative for Advanced Research (GIAR) Exposome SymposiumZhang, Pei; Arora, Manish; Chaleckis, Romanas; Isobe, Tomohiko; Jain, Mohit; Meister, Isabel; Melen, Erik; Perzanowski, Matthew; Torta, Federico ; Wenk, Markus R ; Wheelock, Craig E