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Shu Sin Chng


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12016Defining key roles for auxiliary proteins in an ABC transporter that maintains bacterial outer membrane lipid asymmetryThong, Shuhua ; Ercan, Bilge ; Torte, Federico ; Fong, Zhen Yang ; Wong, Hui Yi Alvina; Wenk, Markus R ; Chng, Shu-Sin 
223-Dec-2021Loss of YhcB results in dysregulation of coordinated peptidoglycan, LPS and phospholipid synthesis during Escherichia coli cell growthGoodall, Emily C. A.; Isom, Georgia L.; Rooke, Jessica L.; Pullela, Karthik; Icke, Christopher; Yang, Zihao; Boelter, Gabriela; Jones, Alun; Warner, Isabel; Da Costa, Rochelle; Zhang, Bing; Rae, James; Tan, Wee Boon ; Winkle, Matthias; Delhaye, Antoine; Heinz, Eva; Collet, Jean-Francois; Cunningham, Adam F.; Blaskovich, Mark A.; Parton, Robert G.; Cole, Jeff A.; Banzhaf, Manuel; Chng, Shu-Sin ; Vollmer, Waldemar; Bryant, Jack A.; Henderson, Ian R.
32017MCE domain proteins: Conserved inner membrane lipid-binding proteins required for outer membrane homeostasisIsom, G.L; Davies, N.J; Chong, Z.-S ; Bryant, J.A; Jamshad, M; Sharif, M; Cunningham, A.F; Knowles, T.J; Chng, S.-S ; Cole, J.A; Henderson, I.R
415-May-2020Potency Increase of Spiroketal Analogs of Membrane Inserting Indolyl Mannich Base Antimycobacterials Is Due to Acquisition of MmpL3 Inhibition.Li, Ming; Phua, Zheng Yen; Xi, Yu; Xu, Zhujun ; Nyantakyi, Samuel Agyei; Li, Wei; Jackson, Mary C; Wong, Ming Wah ; Lam, Yulin ; Chng, Shu-Sin ; Go, Mei-Lin ; Dick, Thomas 
52020Structure of dual-BON domain protein DolP identifies phospholipid binding as a new mechanism for protein localizationBryant, J.A.; Morris, F.C.; Knowles, T.J.; Maderbocus, R.; Heinz, E.; Boelter, G.; Alodaini, D.; Colyer, A.; Wotherspoon, P.J.; Staunton, K.A.; Jeeves, M.; Browning, D.F.; Sevastsyanovich, Y.R.; Wells, T.J.; Rossiter, A.E.; Bavro, V.N.; Sridhar, P.; Ward, D.G.; Chong, Z.-S. ; Goodall, E.C.A.; Icke, C.; Teo, A.; Chng, S.-S. ; Roper, D.I.; Lithgow, T.; Cunningham, A.F.; Banzhaf, M.; Overduin, M.; Henderson, I.R.
618-Dec-2020Structure-function characterization of the conserved regulatory mechanism of the Escherichia coli M48 metalloprotease BepABryant, Jack A.; Cadby, Ian T.; Chong, Zhi-Soon ; Boelter, Gabriela; Sevastsyanovich, Yanina R.; Morris, Faye C.; Cunningham, Adam F.; Kritikos, George; Meek, Richard W.; Banzhaf, Manuel; Chng, Shu-Sin ; Lovering, Andrew L.; Henderson, Ian R.